Overcoming obstacles in Imbak Canyon

14th April 2015

What's been happening in Imbak you ask?

Well, let us tell you...

Our final adventure began with a little road trip to a magical place called tempoii camp. We stayed in this beautiful idyllic lodge before trekking to Big Bellian Camp, where the real hard work would start. Our camp lies in the heart of the jungle, where the rain falls hard in the evening and the sound of gibbons awake us in morning.

After an eventful first night sleep alpha 5 faced its first challenge. As we walked across the bridge, excited for day one, we were unbeknown to what we were about to witness. A gargantuan tree had fallen and demolished the entire stairway blocking our path. So, a slight change of plan; first to move the tree, second to actually do what we planned to do that day and third to rebuild the stairs. We accomplished all of these without hesitation, fear or complaint. The Rangers were in awe of our teamwork. With a dash of hard work, a sprinkle of enthusiasm and a dollop of positivity, we nailed (pardon the pun) our first day at Imbak canyon.

The next 7 days involved much more exciting activities, the first being tearing ourselves from the comforts of our bashers at 5 o'clock in the morning to participate in a research project on the vocal fingerprints of the gibbons inhabiting Imbak canyon. Some of the lucky venturers spotted a rumble in the trees above them, yes they saw the mighty red leaf monkey!

We continued with our work; digging holes, sifting sand, moving cement (50kg a bag!) and creating a moat to prevent the hard rain filling the holes that will support the suspension bridge. When our day’s hard work had ended the team rushed to the flowing fresh water imbak provides us with. Who needs a real shower when we have a waterfall at our disposal to clean our sweaty bodies?

That is all for now in Imbak, we are all having a blast, treasuring every last moment we have together in our last phase in Borneo.

We have loved the messages of encouragement, please keep them coming as they are keeping us going and we look forward to telling you all about our amazing experiences on Raleigh.