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For Raleigh it is young people volunteering their time and energy in their own country and globally that are the catalysts for change. In Costa Rica, by equipping them with the necessary skills, confidence and experiences, we have seen how they can become some of the most energetic and empowered partners in development. Working with indigenous communities as well as leading on environmental sustainability, young volunteers come to develop strong leadership and team building skills and experience invaluable changes within themselves.

August 14, 2019

Young people are often criticized for being lazy and apathetic by older generations. But this could not be further from the truth. Every day young people demonstrate their energy and passion for change. So it’s time that we stop underestimating them.

August 12, 2019

Young people selected by their community to become Community Monitors recently attended Raleigh training as part of the SAY project, so they can learn the tools and techniques to monitor projects in their communities effectively. 100 young people from 50 communities in Morogoro attended the 4-day training so that they can engage their communities in social accountability.

Vijana takbriani mia moja waliochanguliwa kutoka kwenye jamii au vijiji 50 hivi karibuni walihudhulia mafunzo kutoka Raleigh Tanzania hapa Morogoro kama sehemu ya mradi wa Uwajibikaji Wa Jamii Kupitia Vijana (UWAJAKUVI). Lengo la mafunzo ni kujifunza namna ya ufuatiliaji wa mradi na ushirikishaji wa jamii.

July 29, 2019

Our young and energetic Expedition Volunteers will be working along with our project partner for creating that lasting change in rural communities of Gorkha. The major source of income of these communities are agriculture and daily wage labour. They will be continuing Raleigh International Nepal’s sustainable WASH (Water Sanitation and Hygiene) work in Gorkha. These dedicated young individuals will work to improve water, sanitation and hygiene. Meet our teams of inspiring volunteers and find out more about the challenges and adventures ahead of them

July 18, 2019

Our Summer 2019 ICS WASH volunteers are currently deployed to their respective four communities of Makwanpur. They will be working their best in partnership with our project partner WOCHEND. 54 volunteers (28 UK volunteers and 26 In-country Volunteers) including 8 Team Leaders (5 Nepalese 3 UK ) have joined this cycle to create that lasting change for a sustainable goal, which Raleigh aims for.

Here is a glimpse of our volunteers and Team Leaders who will be working on ICS WASH projects (Water, Sanitation and Hygiene) in the region of Makwanpur this summer cycle.

July 12, 2019

Mradi wa Uwajibikaji wa Jamii Kupitia Vijana (UWAJAKUVI) una lengo la kuongeza kiwango cha mafanikio ya miradi na thamani ya fedha inayotumika kwenye maendeleo katika mkoa wa Dodoma, Iringa na Morogoro itakayonufaisha zaidi ya watu 500,000. Mradi huu utawezesha vijana, wanawake na watu wenye ulemavu zaidi ya 400 ili kushiriki katika ufuatiliaji wa miradi kwenye zaidi ya vijiji 179. Kwa kutumia mfumo bora wa teknolojia ya Application ya DevCheck Development Check. Vijana watajengewa uwezo na kujiamini kuwajibika na kuhimiza jamii nzima kufanya hivyo.

Social Accountability through Youth (SAY) aims to increase the success rate, impact and value for money of development spending in the Dodoma, Iringa and Morogoro regions of Tanzania, benefitting more than 500,000 people. It will do this by empowering over 400 young women and men, including people with disabilities, to effectively and independently monitor project delivery across 179 communities. Through improved reporting systems – such as a dedicated app named DevCheck (Development Check) – and specialised training, these young Tanzanians will gain an increased ability and confidence to hold development organisations to account and encourage their communities to do the same.

July 5, 2019

The Raleigh ICS livelihood programme is currently being implemented in five communities of Gandaki Rural Municipality of Gorkha District. 66 young volunteers (34 Nepalese and 32 UK) including 10 Team Leaders (six Nepalese and four UK ) have joined to continue our livelihoods work. Our young volunteers who are already deployed to their respective communities will have support from our local project partner Goreto Gorkha. They will be engaged in supporting these communities through sustainable Income Generation Activities and youth development work. A total of 150 families will be benefited from the projects running between July and September 2019. Here is a glimpse of our volunteers and Team Leaders who will be working on ICS livelihoods projects in Gorkha.

July 5, 2019

30 RB employees from 23 countries have partnered with 30 Tanzanian youth volunteers on RB’s Global Volunteer Challenge with Raleigh Tanzania, setting out to address challenges in poor hygiene practices across rural Tanzania through the design of behaviour change interventions.

July 4, 2019

After studying business for five years, Dayna wanted to apply her knowledge to a real life situation where she was able to help, before going to university to study International Business Management. Along with this, she wanted to spend time giving back to a community and to volunteer with an organisation like Raleigh International which isn’t ‘voluntourism’. Here Dayna tell us about her experience volunteering with the UK government funded International Citizen Service (ICS) programme which Raleigh delivers in Nepal.

July 2, 2019