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We've made it to India, Paul, Jagan, the fieldbase team and myself have been working hard preparing for the advanced team to arrive in a few days time, making sure we have food, water and sorting out a few exiting activities for our Team Leaders arrival and training, we have even managed to do a bit of shopping in Mysore! (We have been busy honest).

June 19, 2013
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5 minute warning! An early-morning phone call let us know that the Project Managers were in Turrialba and would be arriving at Fieldbase in just a few minutes.

June 19, 2013
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It’s been a jam-packed week for the advance team here at Fieldbase.

June 17, 2013

We’re back! We all returned safely back to Fieldbase on Saturday. Every one of us was shattered after a physically and mentally demanding 2 days training in the jungle. However, after one of Loli’s hearty lunches, a shower and a little down time, the PMs immediately started getting ready for their Project Planning Visits (PPV). The Fieldbase Team waved them off very early this morning..

June 17, 2013

So, you’re about to spend the next 10 weeks taking a group of 65 young volunteers on an adventure of a lifetime in Tanzania.

June 16, 2013

Hello and welcome to the official Expedition 13G/H blog live from Fieldbase, here in beautiful Turrialba in the heart of Costa Rica. This blog is designed to introduce you to the invaluable work that will be being done by Raleigh International volunteers in Costa Rica and Nicaragua over the next three months.

June 14, 2013

Yesterday, we held the much-anticipated Alpha Allocations Ceremony, where the PMs and medics were assigned to their Alpha groups.

June 14, 2013