Phase 2: Alpha Group Allocations

29th July 2017

Alpha 1: Kampung Pandan – WASH project

Back row: Along, Popeye, Olivia, Guy, Max, Seb (VM), Fakey, and Akeel.
Front row: David, Conor, Marina, Nicola (VM), Laura (VM), and Keisha.

Alpha 1 is heading to Kampung Pandan to work on a community WASH project, aiming to improve access to water and spread health and hygiene awareness. Our Phase 1 group made a great start as the first ever Raleigh volunteers to work with the village, completing asset mapping of the area as well as baseline surveys to track how the villagers lived. They completed two dams to improve water accessibility, and started building a fantastic relationship with the village through football matches, attending church and social occasions. Phase 2 will continue this relationship building, as well as building two toilets and running community WASH sessions.

VM Laura is returning to Pandan after completing Phase 1, and has already earned the name ‘Auntie Laura’ amongst the locals. She’s now joined by Seb – who will be staying on for Phase 3 – and Nicola, fresh to Pandan from her position as Fieldbase Medic.

Alpha 2: Tropical Rainforest Conservation Research Centre – Natural Resource Management Project

Back row: Kilon, Will Jonson, Reyneilda, Sadie, Calum, Will Johnson, Alex, and Asante.
Front row: Ellie, John (VM), Ewa (VM), Adam (VM), Lydia, and Donnikae.

Alpha 2 is headed to TRCRC, the Tropical Rainforest Conservation and Research Centre (or ‘Tracey’ for short.) Our Phase 1 group has been busy planting trees, weeding the nurseries, and starting construction on a compost toilet – which will eventually provide fertile compost for the many replanted saplings. Phase 2 will continue this work, as well as enjoying the beautiful sunrises across the valley, the newly carved jungle chessboard, and the wildlife in the surrounding forest – but they’ll be trying to avoid the fire ants.

Alpha 2 will be supported by VMs Adam and Ewa, who are fresh from trek in Phase 1 and should be able to help deal with any insect visitors. John, one of our logistics VMs and our resident expert on worms and leeches, will also be joining them for the first half of the phase.

Alpha 3: Crocker Range Trek – Adventure Leadership Project

Back row: Kevin, Ben, Iffy, Rachel, Sarzjae, Liam and Habib.
Middle row: Rachel, Jawonday, and Keri (VM).
Front row: Ujang, Bridget (VM), Louise (VM), Andrea, Amy (VM), and Alessandro.

Alpha 3 is our trek group, heading out into the Crocker Range for a 16-day hike through the jungle. The focus of trek is to develop leadership skills, and every day one of the Venturers will become Day Leader to lead their team to their next camp. During Phase 1, our trek group experienced amazing views, learned jungle crafts, and went waterfall swimming. Our Phase 2 group are sure to experience everything the jungle has to throw at them as well.

They’ll be joined by their expert guides, and supported by VMs Amy, Keri, Bridget (first half of the trek) and Louise (second half).

After a 4:30am start this morning, all our groups have now deployed on their projects. Keep an eye out for more news from them soon.

Words by Emily

Photos by Saoirse



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