Phase 2 Deployed!

24th July 2014

After a busy changeover of repairing tents, fairtrade games, Raleigh Olympics (Alpha 5 are the limbo champions) and welcoming our new seven weekers, we can now announce the new phase two alpha allocations!



Alpha 1, the first of our trek groups, will be covering 170km in the region of Iringa in the Southern Highlands:

alpha 1 happy resize


Alpha 2 are also trekking in the Iringa region; they will be dipping into the Great Rift Valley on their journey:

alpha 2 resize


Alpha 3 are in the village of Basadowish near Arusha in Northern Tanzania, laying a water distribution system:

alpha 3 rezsize


Alpha 4 are our special one-phase pilot project team working with project partner Wildlife Connections to set up beehive fences with subsistence farmers in the Iringa region, close to the Ruaha National Park. The fences will help to mitigate human-animal conflict by scaring away elephants from the farmer's land:

alpha 4 resize


Alpha 5 are continuing work with Save the Children on the Early Childhood Development Centre, in the village of Salawe near Shinyanga:

alpha 5 resize


Alpha 6 are in the far South West of Tanzania, in the village of Hangomba near Mbeya. They are continuing work in the community to promote health and hygene practices, as well as starting work this phase on building latrines for the local school:

alpha 6 resize

This phase our fieldbase team will be out and about visiting the groups, and we can take blog messages with us - so do keep them coming!