Phase 3 Allocations are in!

2nd April 2017

Alpha 2:  Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Kampung of Komburaon

Marthe, Cheryl (PM), Marcus, Cameron Jessica, Nicola (PM), Lily, Dan (PM), David

Alpha 3: Natural Resource Management, Danum Valley Conservation Area

Carley (PM), Carys, Philiaryarvin, Joey (PM) Sebastiaan, Asmita, Brechje, Molly, Luke (PM), Billy, Nick, Lucy, Sebastian, Cheelcy, Eve, Isabel, David

Alpha 4: Natural Resource Management Environmental, Tropical Rainforest Conservation Research Centre (TRCRC)

This is a new project for phase three which will see Alpha 4 playing an active role in repopulating the rainforest along our project partner at TRCRC. During their time here the team will be preparing polybags for the upcoming planting season, relocating growing seedlings to a new nursery and once this is completed they will move onto planting up to 200 new trees.

Heather (PM), Eline, Azmie, Dan, Natalie, Nat (PM), Jia Wei, Arthur, Jonty, Blythe, Merel, Rosie (PM)

Alpha 5: Adventure Leadership Trek, Crocker Range

Lilian, Efsie, Elisa, Cicely, Risny, Adam, Will (PM), Moira (PM), Simon, Sarah, Chilichon, Charlie, Rein, Sabrina, Joules, Jules, Mathilde, Georgia (PM)

And of course, we had emotional goodbyes to the 1st 7 weekers who leave us to continue their journeys elsewhere, some heading home and others travelling to explore the world further. Rosabel, Quirine, Adelle, Lavinia, Ceaser, Will, Agatha, Matthew and Olivia – we wish you the best of luck and will miss you in phase 3.

Looking ahead;

7th April – Loop visit to A2

10th April – Loop visit to A5

11th April – Loop visit to A3

13th April – Loop visit to A4


Youth In Civil Society Malaysian Borneo