Phase one allocations, who’s going where?

20th February 2017

Alpha 1: Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Kampung Kinangkaban

Natalie (PM), Chilichon, Sebastiaan, Jules, Jonty, Isabel, Joey (PM), Agatha, Adelle, Rosey (PM), Eve, Lily

Alpha 1 venturers

Adelle, Venturer: “I’m a real people person and am just really excited to immerse myself in the community and get started on the work. I feel the project we are working on will really be making a difference to people’s lives.”


Alpha 2:  Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) Kampung of Komburaon

Jai Wai, Lilian, Dan, Georgia (PM), Luke (PM), Charlie, Merel, Rein, Azmie, Efsie, Cheryl (PM), Quirine, Sarah

JaI Wai, Venturer: “I’m so excited to be going to a new environment, getting to know the local community and working together as a team. Being the first group there we’ll be starting the project from the beginning which will be extremely special.”


Alpha 3: Natural Resource Management, Danum Valley Conservation Area

Rosabel, Rinsy, Cameron, Elisa, Caesar, Will, Will (PM), Carly (PM), Simon, Moira (PM), Mathilde, David

Rosabel, Venturer: “I’m really excited to be heading to Danum Valley as it one of the projects I was most excited about after seeing the presentations, it looks beautiful and hopefully we’ll see some wildlife whilst camera trapping!”


Alpha 5: Adventure Leadership Trek, Crocker Range

Dan (PM), Cheelcy, Natalie, Olivia, Matthew, Lavinia, Molly, Lucy, Eline, Kasey (PM), Arthur, David, Marcus, Carys, Philiaryavin

Molly, Venturer: “Trek is one of the phases I was looking forward to the most so I am excited to being doing it first! I love being around nature and am going to be studying zoology so am looking forward to being in the jungle, seeing some amazing parts of Borneo and working together as a team.”


Looking Ahead;

Over the next few weeks fieldbase staff will visit project sites on ‘the loop’ to see how the alpha groups are getting on, they will also use this time to distribute blog messages and letters, you can contact anyone on 17A expedition here.

23rd Feb – Phase 1 loop to Danum Valley

27th Feb – Phase 1 loop to Trek

29th Feb – Phase 1 loop to Alpha 1 and 2



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