Phase Two Allocations Are In!

22nd July 2017

Country operations manager Vanessa and deputy operations managers Fanuel and Holly welcome the venturers to changeover

The venturers and volunteer managers have completed a successful phase one working on WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) and Natural Resource Management (NRM) projects as well as undertaking a 19-day trek. All four teams reconvened in Iringa for four days of changeover. Changeover is a time for the groups to hand in any paper work, replenish their logistics supplies and of course meet up with the other groups and share details of their projects. The teams also had the opportunity to take part in lots of activities including the ‘Raleigh Olympics’!

Venturers enjoying the activities at changeover

The teams were joined by the second set of seven week venturers who will complete phase two and three alongside the ten week venturers. Those who are here for five weeks will be leaving after a five day trek, whilst our first set of seven week venturers depart following phase two. The venturers and volunteer managers were very excited to find out which projects they would be working on during phase two. So, let’s meet the new teams:

Alpha 2, WASH (water, sanitation and hygiene) – Nyamwezi, Kilombero

Hastnaty, Oriana, Rachel, Subira, Raymond, Riko, Alistair, Christopher , Jack, David, Nikolas, Shadrack, Shoeb, Stefan and volunteer managers Lewis, Esther and Raymond

Alpha 3, Natural Resource Management – Ikoning’ombe, Mufindi

Antonia, Christencia, Natalie, Irene, Sophia, Alex, Marc, Dedan, Isaac, Thomas, Orlando, Omari and volunteer manager Kisare and medic Julia

Delta 1, trek – Iringa

Iona, Jessica, Anabelle, Niamh, Camilla, Sophia, Alan, Oliverson, Stuart, Bahati and volunteer managers Linzie, Lutufyo and medic Karen

Delta 2, trek – Iringa

Alix, Elizabeth, Orla, Rebecca, Olivia, Fabiola, Ernest, James, Oliver, Pasua and volunteer managers Lynda, Kabula and medic Rachel

The Alpha groups have now departed for their project sites whilst the Delta groups have embarked on their five-day trek throughout Iringa.

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