Phase two allocations!

22nd July 2015


It’s been three quick weeks and of course with every changeover, whether the venturers like it or not, the dreaded allocations will come creeping in. But fret not guys, for not everything is a goodbye. It simply will just be another “see you again”! Now put those tears away and let’s welcome the new Alphas for phase two of expedition 15D and 15I!   

Alpha 1

Continuing the WASH project in Sonsogon Magandai, we have Alexandre, Ben, Bryson, Emilia, Jacob, Lila, Marlene, Miklos, Olivia, Peter, Sophie and Project Managers Katie, Marlene, and Michelle to sweat it out in the next three weeks while building the gravity water fed system. They will be pulling all the available pipelines to individual households in this wonderful community. If time permits, maybe a tandas (toilet) or two!


Alpha 2

Getting things cracking in Kampung Lirung is Aiysha, Angus, Ben, Caitlin, Dylan, Ellie, Hannah, Harriet, Joshua, Lee, Lyrice, Yi and Project Managers Amy and Lizzie. They will be extending the Community Learning Centre and finishing off the shower and the new stairs. Once that is done, they will move to a new project site which will include extending the teacher’s hut too. Good luck Alpha two!


Alpha 3

Moving from the guard hut to the new working site for Danum V

alley’s suspension bridge are Andrew, Arijuna, Ben, Eleanor, Eloise, Emilee, Jendaya, Katherine, Kirsty, Megan, Oliver and Project Managers Hannah and Lucy.  They are looking forward to lots of cementing for the foundation of the bridge and are crossing their fingers for hopefully more elephant sightings!


Alpha 4

A big welcome to Amy, Apoorva, Charlotte, Emma, Fido, Harley, Jubrin, Lionel, Matthew, Priyanka and Project Managers David, Greg and Marc, the new l

ine up of Alpha 4! They will be continuing work on the suspension bridge in the beautiful Imbak Canyon. That’s going to be some awesome work!


Alpha 5 and Alpha 6

Completing the trek from Alpha 5 is Ciara, Emma,

Katherine, Matthias, Michael, Ming, Thomas, Vresentia, Zyon and Project Managers Gemma, James and Suzie. The new Alpha 6 will comprises of Aengerian, Connor, Dominic, Donus, Gabrielle, James, Kevin, Megan, Natasha, Rachel and Project Managers Jen and Madeline. The teams will be polishing their leadership skills over the next eighteen days!



Zulu 1, 2 and 3

As for the five weekers, it is time for some fun adventures! Instead of their original Alphas 7, 8 and 9, they’ve been split into three different Zulu teams and will be competing against each over the next 7 days.  Whilst trekking between camps the teams will be completing various challenges and learning new jungle survival skills.  It will be a matter of challenging themselves as individuals and as a team, working together to overcome adversities and fears and learning from each other along the way.

Zulu 1 comprises of Alistair, Alexandra, Amber, Jessie, Maya, Megan, Rajiv, Siriol, Sjoerd, Sophie, Timothy and Project Managers Corina, Erica and Max.


Zulu 2 is made up of Aline, Anna, Charlotte, Esme, Felicity, Harry, Megan, Milo, Naveen, Taraka, Yousef and Project Managers Ben and Beth.


Zulu 3 consists of Akinleye, Amy, Christopher, Diederik, Eleanor, Feline, Louise, Minnie, Philippa, Sasha, Toby and Project Managers Carl, Georgina, and Kirstey.