Pheri betaula / See you again!

8th September 2016

16I farewellTrek. Photo credit: Daniel

The 16I volunteers are a very inspiring group of young people, I was continually impressed at how motivated and relentless they were in their enthusiasm despite the rain, scorching sun and endless porridge!I hope they will be very proud of what they’ve achieved here, I have no doubt they all have very bright futures ahead. I’m especially grateful to our Nepali volunteers, volunteer managers and field base staff for tirelessly facilitating us in having such an authentic and enriching experience here.

It was an honour to be welcomed into the communities of Gorkha, to live and work alongside the hardest working, most generous and hopeful people I have ever met, I hope one day we can return to see our families living in safe homes.
Dee – Medic, Ireland

Farewell Chapthok
Thanks for refreshing my spirits
You’ll be forever in my heart
Was nervous at the start
Surrounded by new faces|
Strange places, dal bhat plates and timid exchanges
But all that has changed and now turned to hearty laughs
New uncles and aunts, ever bonds as close as mums and dads
There’ll be none better
We’ve built a family together
An impact everlasting
Forever in my heart
David S – Young Volunteer, Bermuda

blog_nepalexpedition_bo_c_farewell-blog-5Adhikari Gaun. Photo credit: Jit

During the last three months this experience has changed the lives of many people – I have seen volunteers develop skills that will help them in all future walks of life; I have seen some of the poorest people in the world welcome us into their lives as we worked with them to improve their quality of life; and I have seen myself appreciate the life I’ve been lucky enough to live, more than ever before. We may only have been able to help a few, but we have made a change that will continue to impact lives forever.
Jit – Project Manager, UK

I deeply recommend this experience to anyone stuck in a rut or unsure of their path in life. It expands the mind to new and bold frontiers.
Karn – Young Volunteer, UK

Get out of your comfort zone. Serve and achieve.
Bu – Young Volunteer, China

blog_nepalexpedition_bo_c_farewell-blog-4Homeowner, Toyanarayan, and Bu in Adhikari Gaun.Photo credit: Jit.

Don’t count the days, make the days count!
Emily – Young Volunteer, UK

We hoped to harness the energy of young people to extend a hand of friendship, build houses and deliver positive change in three rural communities – we leave as family, having helped to rebuild hope and homes. I’m deeply humbled and inspired to have worked alongside such remarkable people and help in some small way.
Nishi – Volunteer Manager, UK

16J NE1 NishsiNE1 receive the tika blessing as they prepare to leave Chapthok

Chapthok, more than just friends and family – generosity expands far beyond what my Western mindset can fathom and their kindness comes in the same quantity as the huge amounts of dal bhat they spooned onto my plate.
Caesar – Young Volunteer, The Netherlands

A non-rolling mud gathers moss.
Tara – Host Country Volunteer Manager

blog_nepalexpedition_bo_c_farewell-blog-2Tara, Daniel and Claire on trek with Alpha 1

People have emotions/feelings. Give help to the world – you shall feel greatly rewarded.
Alex F – Young Volunteer, UK

Going into the community, you feel slightly nervous. Looking back at the end, it’s difficult to see what we were worried about. The people feel like family and the village, like home. That’s a feeling you won’t get anywhere else.
Will – Young Volunteer, UK

Always good, never bad. Always happy, never sad.
Prabin – Host Country Volunteer

This experience has been life-changing. The culture shock was unreal and although I don’t have much, this programme has made me realise I have a lot more than most.
Makeda – Young Volunteer, Bermuda

NE2 leaving Baltar 2: Karn, Anish, Sudeep, Jonny, Alex F, Makeda, Daniel

Get out there – be part of something amazing. I’m not sure how this expedition will change my life but it was really awesome to meet some cool friends and do something to help local people. Life can be hard anywhere but no longer in my heart.
Qin Shu – Young Volunteer, China

Before I left for my first trip to Nepal, anyone that knew told me how lovely the Nepali people are. I soon discovered for myself what an understatement this is. I have never been made to feel more welcome by strangers who don’t remain strangers for long. As Communications Officer I was lucky enough to visit all five villages across 16I and J expeditions, so my time in each was limited, but the farewells no less heartfelt. I will be back.
Lisa – Communications Officer, UK

16I group photo Bairenitraining centre16I. Photo credit: Bruno


Main photo credit: Bruno Oliveira


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