15B Photographic Competition Results

19th April 2015

Photo comp-001


All the way back in the first phase we launched a photographic competition for our venturers, judged by our expedition photographer and Fellow of the British Institute of Professional Photographers - Saraya Cortaville. The prize on offer was a signed one of Saraya’s prints from the expedition and a place on a photographic course in the beautiful and picturesque town of Leigh-on-Sea in Essex. There were over a hundred entries uploaded anonymously. Competition was tough, so tough in fact that even after considerable deliberation, an outright winner couldn’t be decided on. 


So, without any further delay, the three winners are: 


Photo comp-001

Joint Winner: Photographic Art - Maggie Wong 


Saraya:“I love the composition of this picture; the colouring and the tonality are fantastic. Shot in the ‘Blue hour’, the little suggestions of detail give a hint of the location but leave the mind free to imagine where it might be. I would happily have this picture hung on a wall in my own house.” 


Photo comp-002 

Joint Winner: Photographic Art - Jessie Robinson 


Saraya: “This picture perfectly captures movement and emotion. The warm smiles and vibrance of the scene typify Tanzania. This picture was also skilfully shot, moving with the subject to blur the background, while keeping the bike in sharp focus."


Photo comp-003 

Winner: PR and Press - Anna Swinton 


Saraya: “This is a great example of the subject connecting with the photographer and sharing genuine emotion. The rich orange of the simple background provide a perfect contrast for the colours of the girl in the image, framing her smile and typifying how Raleigh groups are able to connect with the communities they work with” 


As with any competition, there were many other notable entries and picking a winner was a tough task, but thank you to all of our venturers who captured some fantastic images and memories from the previous ten weeks.