“Never underestimate yourself. Strive to make positive changes in the world.”

14th May 2018

“ICS is important because it makes everlasting positive changes in the local community by equipping people with the skills for the economic growth to help the community to improve access to safe water and sanitation for the healthier life.” – Dorice Ahmed Mkiva.

The ICS SWASH (school, water, sanitation and hygiene) and Livelihoods programmes not only help community members to improve their standards of living but in turn support the volunteers themselves who are on their own personal development journeys. For women like Dorice, the programme has enabled her to see what she can contribute to her own country as well as giving her the skills, confidence and belief that she can overcome obstacles she faces.

Image by Dorice’s ICS volunteer teammate, Edward Anders.

How would you describe yourself?

“At home I live with my mother and sister in Mbeya region. I have a younger sister called Jessica who is 21-years-old now. In 2016 she gained a certificate in primary teaching and we are very proud of her .I am confident and learned on Raleigh that I can speak in front of lots of people. On the Action Day we held I spoke in front of a huge crowd.”

“My inspirational person on the programme is Kaiza Amiry, my Team Leader, because was so committed to the work.” Image by Edward

What are your goals?

“Firstly I aim for entrepreneurs to gain knowledge of entrepreneurship so that they can have opportunities. They can get the best knowledge to start any business they hope for and I support their dreams. This is because I would like to have a cafeteria on my own one day for preparing food. It will be a small business, maybe in Morogoro region. I believe in myself to do this. They are becoming an entrepreneur and I am becoming an entrepreneur.”

Assisting the teaching of school children who were gaining entrepreneurship training to lead a new generation of entrepreneurs in Usengelindete.

What is your advice for the entrepreneurs?

“This is a great opportunity for the village they live in. They have to use this opportunity because it is a way in which they can raise their community status. This is a chance for them to educate themselves and their community about entrepreneurship. We give them the opportunity to create different ideas so that they are in a great position to improve their community development.”

Dorice and entrepreneurs in Usengelindete.


“Most of the entrepreneurs love me. When I ask them for feedback they say, ‘”we like our teacher” and this gives me confidence. Before I joined the program I was not confident in public presentation but now I am. To gain confidence in presenting my advice to others would be to practice speaking in front of a small team, building confidence and then when you present to a bigger group you know you can do it with the experience and confidence you gained.

Now I am the person who is able to plan, manage and facilitate different activities, I have leadership skills so I am able to lead people from different cultural backgrounds. I am integrated with people from a different culture and we have learned how to work together. Now I feel I am a globally active citizen.”

Presenting with fellow ICS teammates.

What is your advice for other people with disability?

“Don’t sit at the back. Make the opportunity for yourself. Put yourself on the front and other people will help you if you need it. My team members on ICS help me a lot. Despite the many different people here, we are all supported by each other. My family support me, especially my mum. She tells me to be frontline. She says, you know you have disabilities but it is no reason to stay at home, you have to fight to be the person you want to be.”

Image of Dorice with fellow Raleigh ICS volunteers and entrepreneurs by Edward Anders.

International Citizen Service (ICS) is a development programme that brings together young people from the UK and developing countries to volunteer in some of the poorest communities around the world. Teams are made up of volunteers of all backgrounds, from the UK and from the local country. Raleigh is designing and developing new projects which focus on working with in-country youth to make lasting change, supporting all members of society to have the opportunity to join the programmes.

At the heart of a new generation of entrepreneurs.

Edited by Communications Officer, Rebbie Webb. Images by one of Dorice’s team members who were also based in the village of Usengelindete in Iringa region.



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