Phase One – Project allocations: Who, what, and where…

31st January 2015

A1 P1 Dave Laura TomN


The ‘Bear Pit’ is where the training happens at field base. Less intimidating than the name suggests, it’s set up like a miniature amphitheatre with cushion covered rock shelves and a heavy weight tarpaulin roof to provide much needed shade from the relentless sunshine. Inside the pit today was an atmosphere of excited tension as the Volunteer Managers gathered expectantly to find out who would be heading where for their first project phase.

In the coming week our team will head out to their project sites - some taking more than a day to reach - to meet the local community, carry out assessments, and lead the way for our eager venturers to arrive in earnest a week later. 

This spring in Tanzania sees Raleigh’s expedition groups working across four main project sites, which we will hear more about from each team once they return from their Project Planning Visits (PPV’s). For now, lets take a look at the volunteer manager teams heading out on Phase 1. 


Leadership Trekking in Iringa: 


Paul Davis - Trek Leader

Jenny Randall - Trek Medic 


Project Miganga - Community Water Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) 


Beth Grainger - Project Manager 

Sylvia Withal - Project Manager 

Emma Mulholland - Project Manager 




Project Chibe: Community Resilience - Access to Education 


Vicky Lunn - Project Manager 

Asaf Mbawala - Project Manager

Zoe Long - Medic/Project manager 


Project Bassadowish: Community Resilience - Access to Education  


Janet Mihayo - Project Manager

Tom Gray - Project Manager 

Flick Hughes - Medic/Project Manager 



Field Base Medic Team 


Sarah Blakey - Medic 

Lisa Bryson - Medic 

While our team heads out across Tanzania on their PPV’s the field base team will continue their hard work supporting the expedition, in particular the Logistics team who have been working hard over the past week to make sure everything from tent poles to coffee is checked and allocated. The In-country staff have also been hard at work sorting transport and support needs as our Volunteer Managers get their first chance to get on the ground with their projects and get started.