Project Manager Allocations, drum roll please….

1st October 2013

As training continues here at Fieldbase, all the Project Managers have headed out on their Project Planning Visits (PPVs) to meet project partners, undertake a risk assessment, establish Casevac procedures and look at the project overview.  So as everyone is getting their heads round their projects...

...I will let you into the secret world of ALPHA and allocations.

Alpha 1, Kampung Togudon - Community Learning Centre build

Here in Malaysia, reading and writing is not a given skill.  The opportunities to learn to read and write aren’t as accessible for the children of Sabah.  Raleigh would like to help change that...
In association with PACOS (Partners of Community Organisations in Sabah) Alpha 1 will be building Community Learning Centre in the village of Togudon, which will act as a Kindergarten and Adult Education Centre.  Togudon has a population of 500 with approximately 58 houses and has been in existence for 175 years - 7 generations of the Dunsun community.
Project Managers for this Alpha group will be Alicia, Hugh and Zhanara in Phase 1, Hugh and Dickie in Phase 2, and Alicia, Dickie and Ali in Phase 3 – we wish them the best of luck in the build and will keep you all posted on their progress.

Alpha 1 v2

Alpha 2: SONSOGON SUYAD - Gravity Fed Water System

In association with the Asian  Forestry Company (AFC), Alpha 2 will be constructing a Gravity Fed Water system in  the village of Sonsogon Suyad, located in the hills of Kota Marudu.  The villagers of Sonsogon Suyad are in great need of a consistent, sustainable and clean water supply.  The work Alpha 2 will complete will be invaluable to the community of Sondogon Suyad.  Alpha 2 will be working alongside this community and the AFC to construct a Gravity Fed Water System and to install 3-4 toilets in the village.  Many of us take water for granted; I’m sure some of us don’t even think about it when fresh, running water comes to us whenever we wish.  This community has to walk to collect their water, it’s not always clean and can take hours to return back with the water they need, only to go back and do it again whenever they run out.  With the help of Alpha 2, the villagers of Sonsogon Suyad can experience the luxury of clean, accessible water which so many of us take for granted. Project Managers for Alpha 2 will be Angela, James and Rae for Phase 2 and Zhanara and Rae for Phase 2 – this is only a two phase project but will be an immense amount of work over the 2 months – all the best Alpha 2!

Alpha 2

Alpha 3: IMBAK CANYON - Suspension Bridge Build

A class 1 protected site, Imbak Canyon is  a rich and diverse area that only the lucky few will get to visit.   Access to Imbak is limited and Raleigh is one of the few organisations allowed to carry out work here in order to preserve the natural environment and provide research cabins and sustainable access points for conservation and research purposes. Alpha 3 will be involved in the construction of a second suspension bridge at Imbak and possibly the restoration of the BBC and Rangers camp if there is time.  With the help of Raleigh, Imbak was able to achieve class 1 protection status which prevents the further logging of the area.  In constructing the suspension bridge coupled with the restoration projects, further research can take place into this bio diverse rainforest and illegal logging and hunting can be more closely patrolled.  Alpha 3 will be project managed by Dickie, Nicola and Ali in Phase 1, Angela, Ali and Jen and in Phase 3 Angela, Hugh and Nat.  Let’s hope everyone has eaten their spinach for this one – go Alpha 3!

Alpha 3

Alpha 4: DANUM VALLEY - Suspension Bridge Repair and Guard Hut Construction

As an area of outstanding biodiversity value, Danum Valley is a class 1 protected area.  Initially, Alpha 4 will be retrieving equipment from a previous project site that was left behind on the last expedition.  Following this they will be working with Yayasan Sabah and the rangers at Danum Valley, repairing one of the suspension bridges which has begun to subside.  Alpha 4 will also be starting construction of a Guard hut which will be located 10km from the field centre and will be used as an information/education centre and a secondary check point for people going in and out of the centre.  With an abundance of wildlife, Danum Valley is an outstanding location where Venturers will be completely immersed in jungle life.  Another 2 phase project, Alpha 4 will be looked after by Nic, James and Naomi in Phase 2 and James, Rae and Zhanara in Phase 3.  Lots of hard graft for this project, but in such a stunning area – make the most of it Alpha 4.

Alpha 4

Alpha 5 & 6: MAMUTIK - Dive/ LONG PASIA - Trek

The trek part of this phase will be spent in Long Pasia, a very remote area of Borneo, steeped in tradition and folk lore.  Located in the south western corner of Sabah on the Kalimantan and Sarawak border, Long Pasia is one of the richest plant diversity sites in the whole of Borneo.  Whilst on trek Venturers will be learning how to survive in the jungle, from setting up their own camp, discovering ways the forest can provide food and medicine.  As one of the toughest challenges on expedition Venturers will be pushed to their limit but with a strong team, experienced PMs and guides, they will come out the other end having, for many of them, achieved something that they didn’t think was possible - cool right?

The dive part of this phase will take Venturers to the beautiful island of Mamutik and within the Tunku Abdul Rahman National Marine Park, in conjunction with Borneo Divers.  They will be spending 5-6 days on a dive programme where they can obtain their PADI open water qualification or progress further with their diving if they already hold this qualification.  During the week, if time, Venturers may have the opportunity to get involved in marine conservation.

On the adventure phases of expedition 13K, Venturers will either start with their trek, then spend a week on Dive Island or vice versa.

Alpha 5 will be heading to Mamutik first for their dive week and then heading to Long Pasia on trek.  Alpha 5 will be expertly managed by Nic and Nat in Phase 1, Chris, Nicola and Alicia in Phase 2 and in Phase 3 Nic and Nicola.  

Alpha 5
Alpha 6 will be heading out on trek first in Long Pasia and then off for their dive week.  Project managers for Alpha 6 will be Chris and Naomi in Phase 1 and then Chris and Jen in Phase 3.

Alpha 6

Embrace the challenge Alpha’s 5 & 6

“If you fell down today, stand up tomorrow” – H.G.Wells

Kat Townsend
Communications Officer