Project Partners – Team Endamarick

27th February 2015


Each week different teams will write a blog about a particular topic relating to their village. This week we hear from Team Endamarick on their project partners…..

"Over the last two weeks Team Endamarick has been settling into their village. The village has a population of 879 households and is surrounded by long stretches of farmland. We are living in homstays with local families, placed in pairs of one Tanzanian and one UK volunteer. The evenings are spent in the homestays, eating rice and beans, playing card games and learning Swahili.

Our project aim in the village is to improve access to water by digging a 1.2KM trench, connecting two bore holes, working alongside our project partner DMDD (Diocese of Mbulu Development Department) and the enthusiastic local community.


(The final goal - example of trench dug by a previous Raleigh Tanzania project)

On a visit to one of the local primary schools we performed a drama about Chafu, a young boy who falls ill because he forgets to wash his hands. The drama was to raise awareness of the importance of washing hands, when to do it and why. The children found the drama enjoyable and the buzz after the event seemed to get our message across. Alongside the drama we have set up tippy taps to encourage hand washing and composed a song that contains the 6 steps of hand washing. Everyone was singing along including the teachers.

We have also been lucky enough to visit the local medical centre. The tour that was provided was conducted by the Chief Medical Officer. We stayed at the medical centre and helped with the cleaning duties that day.

Within our own camp we have constructed a rocket stove and a kitchen garden. This is to make us more resourceful as a group and so we can cook chapattis for out host families.

In the coming weeks we will be working with the local women’s group to discuss Health, Hygiene and Sanitation and applying this to child care. Running alongside this we will be planning a sports day and art & craft sessions at the school."