What did our projects achieve in our latest expedition?

3rd May 2016

Alpha One – Kampung Lingkabungan, Pitas, North Sabah

Water Sanitation Health and Hygiene (WaSH) Project
Project Partner: Asian Forestry Company

This project constructed a new dam, piped the dam to new storage tanks in the village and completed the re-piping of the village itself. Each household now have a tap and increased access to safe drinking water. Three tandas (toilets) were built around the village which will support better sanitation for the community. The group also held hygiene awareness sessions to increase the knowledge and improve attitudes about good hygiene practice amongst the community.

The village are now working with the project partner to set up a committee group to ensure the sustainability of the work for the future. An opening ceremony was held at the end of expedition to celebrate with the community and project partners the great success of the work.

PML_4011 IMG_0146PML_2199

Alpha Two – Kampung Lakang, Paitan, North Sabah

Improving access to education and enhancing community resilience
Project Partner: PACOS (Partnership of Community Organisations Sabah)

The project saw the successful completion of the Community Learning Centre (CLC) and two tandas (toilets) built with an official opening ceremony held to celebrate their success. The CLC will be used for pre-primary school children to have better access to early years education. The CLC will bring the community closer together as the village is quite spread out and the only current communal area is the church meaning the community can use the building beyond just early years education.

IMG_0161 Blog_Borneo_Alpha2_Blog 8 IMG_0150

Alpha 3 – Danum Valley Conservation Area (DVCA)

Natural Resources Management – Environmental Conservation and Protection in Class I Protected Areas.
Project Partner: Yayasan Sabah (YYS)

The group continued the construction of a suspension bridge. This is a multi-expedition project and once constructed, the bridge will be to provide better access to the rainforest for researchers and other visitors. This expedition saw great progress on the suspension bridge with completion of the foundation holes, through collection of gravel from the river bed and from the bank across the river. The team completed camera trapping on three different trails. The team met and learnt from local scientists and other researchers/visitors about the local botany and wildlife. Venturers successfully trekked through the primary rainforest to Purut Camp.

PML_9841 water gravel PML_2467

Alpha 4 – Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (ICCA)

Natural Resources Management – Environmental Conservation and Protection in Class I Protected Areas.
Project Partner: Yayasan Sabah (YYS)

The team continued construction of a suspension bridge. The suspension bridge being built by Raleigh is an important piece of infrastructure which will allow rangers and researchers to cross the Imbak River safely throughout the year. This will support research efforts in more remote parts of the conservation area and allow for enhanced patrolling of the site. The project saw the team make great progress with construction, complete night walks, bird watching, swimming in the falls and completed a two day trek.

imbak blogIMG_8235

Alpha 5 – Phase one – Maliau Basin

Natural Resources Management – Environmental Conservation and Protection in Class I Protected Areas.
Project Partner: Yayasan Sabah (YYS)

The team completed seven Belian wood bridges working alongside the rangers. Local scientists working in the conservation area spent time with the group and provided insight into their work helping to increase understanding of Maliau’s importance in the context of scientific research. The team also completed sunrise visits to an observation tower, played evening sports with locals and did guided night walks. At the end of phase the team completed a 3 day, 2 night trek to Ginseng Camp inside Maliau Basin, allowing them to visit Ginseng Falls.

Maliau Venturer team in Maliau IMG_3707

Alpha 5 – Phase Two – First half of phase at Tawai Forest Reserve

Community Based Nature Resource Management (NRM)
Project Partner: PACOS and Forever Sabah

This was a pioneering project combing both environmental and community. The team helped resource management and rainforest conservation through successfully scoping a trail through local hills and transplanted approximately 1600 wildings to the botanic nursery. The group  used GPS to map both an adventure and interpretive trail. Coordinates and the informational booklet the team had worked on were sent to the forest reserve by project partner PACOS. Raleigh venturers were also joined by community volunteers from Kampung Kopuron to support with the sustainability of the work.

Second half of phase at Kampung Kopuron

During this expedition a trail along the village river was successfully cut, river stones were collected for signage and three pondocs were built. The team were part of three environmental awareness seminars on composting, asset mapping and water quality. Raleigh venturers helped begin a process of asset mapping the area and conducted reflective water, sanitation and hygiene surveys. The venturers also took part in a successful homestay programme.

Blog_Borneo_Venturers on site PML_1285 Blog_Borneo_venturer working on site

Alpha Six and Alpha Seven – Trek in the Crocker Range

Build a youth leadership culture and inspire and facilitate change advocates.
Project Partner: Trek guides

During the expedition six groups completed the Crocker Range trek route. The venturers all had the opportunity to experientially learn about how to enhance their leadership and teamwork skills, from the theory discussed during the leadership workshop through to practically applying those skills on phase. The venturers had a real sense of achievement and heightened confidence in their abilities from overcoming the adversities that trek can present.

Blog_Borneo_Suspension bridge on a Raleigh project siteSunrise over Mount Kinabula Venturers on trek


Looking Ahead

June 2016 – Summer expeditions commence!

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