What are the projects aims for Raleigh Borneo’s next expedition?

5th February 2016

The project sites for Raleigh in Borneo Expedition 16A will focus on four fundamental areas of work in Sabah:

1. Improving access to water sanitation health and hygiene (WaSH)
2. Enhancing community resilience and through improving access to education
3. Enable natural resources management through environmental conservation and protection in Class I protected areas
4. Build a youth leadership culture and inspire and facilitate change advocates.

Over the next three days they will embark on Project Planning Visits (PPVs) of these sites across Sabah to scope out each one in preparation for the arrival of the volunteers they will be managing later this month.

These allocations come after their training in Borneo’s jungle getting a taste of project life including eating locally sourced food, sleeping in jungle hammocks and communicating to fieldbase with their new radio management skills.

Each project site has a project partner who are key to each project’s sustainability. These blogs will feature more about Raleigh’s partners in Borneo over the coming months as we explore each project in depth. For now an overview of the projects and allocations are as follows:

1. Water Sanitation Health and Hygiene (WaSH)
Project Partner: Asian Forestry Company Sabah

In Sabah 25%* of households lack a regular water supply, and significant numbers of rural households depend on rain and river water sources which can be irregular and unsafe. 41%* of people in Sabah still lack access to either safe drinking water, appropriate sanitation, or both, where the national average for Malaysia stands at just 8%*. The worst affected are those living in the remote, hard-to-reach rural areas such as Kampung Lingkabungan.

Alpha One: Becky, Tom G, Emma
Location: Kampung Lingkabungan, Pitas, North Sabah

Alpha 1Aims:
Support the developing local infrastructure including working together to enable a gravity fed water system to be built and new sanitation units constructed. While there is an existing government installed gravity fed water system in Kampung Lingkabungan, this is not sufficient to meet the needs of the community. Many of the residents are currently relying on unreliable water sources, particularly rain water collection and using river water for domestic purposes. There is also a lack of access to adequate sanitation in the village which the construction of the new sanitation units aim to address.

2. Improving access to education and enhancing community resilience
Project Partner: PACOS (Partnership of Community Organisations Sabah)

Sabah is reported as the poorest state in Malaysia. Almost 20%* of the population are poor and nearly 5% classified as in hard-core poverty*. For rural areas this increases to 33%* and 9%* respectively and rural poverty in Sabah remains markedly higher than the other states. The greatest numbers of those living in poverty are situated in the North of the state, in the Kota Marudu and Pitas areas where this project is located.

Alpha Two: Ghazal, Alice
Location: Kampung Lakang, Paitan, North Sabah

Alpha 2Aims:
Support the developing local infrastructure which will including helping to enable the build of a Community Learning Centre (CLC), conducting household Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WaSH) surveys and deliver health and hygiene awareness raising activities for the village.

3. Natural Resources Management – Environmental Conservation and Protection in Class I Protected Areas.
Project Partner: Yayasan Sabah (YYS)

The global importance of Sabah’s biodiversity is not to be underestimated. Supported by a diversity of ecosystems, the ecological and scientific value of Sabah’s natural resources is exceptionally high, helping to earn Malaysia its status as one of 12 mega biodiverse countries in the world.

Over the last 30 years, Sabah has experienced rapid economic growth relying heavily on its forest resources to finance its socio-economic development. This has resulted in a 50%* loss to the total coverage of forest area.

In response to these pressures, a number of strategies are now being implemented in Sabah. The approach is very much one of ensuring the conservation of Sabah’s remarkable biodiversity within a well-managed network of protected areas along with supporting conservation, sustainable livelihoods and the integrated management of natural resources across the wider landscape of Sabah.

Alpha Three: Anna, Andy, Tash
Location: Danum Valley Conservation Area (DVCA)

Continue construction of a suspension bridge. This is a multi-expedition project, with this being the third expedition continuing the work. Once constructed, the purpose of the bridge will be to provide better access to the rainforest for researchers and other visitors. Increase the informational value of coffin trail (ancient burial ground), through the creation of information materials along the route

Alpha Four: Tom M, Becca, Mike
Location: Imbak Canyon Conservation Area (ICCA), Telupid

Blog_Borneo_Alpha4_ Blog 3

Continue construction of a suspension bridge. The suspension bridge being built by Raleigh is an important piece of infrastructure which will allow rangers and researchers to cross the Imbak River safely throughout the year. This will support research efforts in more remote parts of the conservation area and allow for enhanced patrolling of the site

Alpha Five: Ben, Charlene, Claire
Location: Maliau Basin

Alpha 5 groupAims:
Continue work on 7 km long Seraya trail – The trail system being worked on is part of a larger initiative to increase the number of visitors and researchers to the Basin, contribute to the body of knowledge regarding the park, and raise awareness about the valuable and unique ecosystems of the Maliau Basin.

4. Build a youth leadership culture and inspire and facilitate change advocates.
Project Partner: Trek guides


The adventure leadership project phase focuses on the development of leadership, building character and self-efficacy, resilience and promotion of team work through trekking for 17 days. The trek will allow each team and individuals a chance to constantly improve on their performance and learn from one another to formulate an idea of what makes a good leader and an effective team member.

Alpha Six: Stacy, Ellie
Alpha Seven: Graham, Adam
Location: Crocker Range

Alpha6 Alpha7Aims:
The PPV for this project allows Project managers a chance to become more familiar with routes, terrain and equipment before the full treks.

*For further reading about Malaysia:
United Nations Development Programme in Malaysia
Department of Statistics Malaysia

Please keep an eye on this blog for updates from Volunteer Managers about their PPVs and looking ahead to the arrival of the young volunteers ‘Venturers’.
Looking Ahead
7th February 2016 – Volunteer managers return from their PPVs
9th February 2016 – Chinese New Year (Public Holiday in Borneo)
13th February 2016 – Young volunteers ‘Venturers’ arrive

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