Raleigh and RADO

1st April 2016

As part of our livelihoods project, we aim to empower young people so they can set up sustainable businesses, while raising awareness on global issues. Since Nepal is one of the most vulnerable countries in the world for natural disasters and climate change, our key awareness raising focuses on coping strategies for these two key areas, with a third overarching essential awareness of the hugely important role that young people have in developing their communities. Through this, RADO and Raleigh want to work together to increase resilience and reduce exposure of target communities to climate change related extremes and other natural disasters.

Youth group discussing the effects of climate change

Training sessions for the poor and disadvantaged individuals of the community, particularly women, young people and socially marginalised people, are a key aspect of our work. Our training sessions have been agreed between Raleigh, RADO and the community. To achieve diversified livelihoods for the community we are delivering five vocational and business skills sessions, and six sessions on natural resource management, agriculture and off-seasonal/high-value vegetable farming; 3 key pillars of livelihoods in Bhalu Khola.

Our Team Planning Tool which outlines the aims of our project

We’re aiming to build a strong support network by creating an informal development committee which is run locally to bring the community into the project and ensure equal participation and community leadership on development decisions, facilitated by RADO and Raleigh.  We also aim to empower youth groups and increase the ability and motivation of young people to lead change to help the community better recognize the role of young people in development.

A focus group being facilitated by Nepali volunteers Arati and Sashi

This is why we are here. Like Krishna, we work with fire in our bellies, energy and smiles on our faces. We relish the challenge and we are excited by the impact we can have. Working with this fantastic organisation is a privilege and we can achieve great things together. We’ve already fired through our needs assessments and organised events based on global issues, and we’ve still got plenty to do.

Written by UK Volunteer Natalie Lake

Youth Economic Empowerment Nepal