Raleigh Asia Annual Conference

20th November 2014


It was with great excitement that Raleigh alumni and friends from around the globe gathered in Kuala Lumpur on 7th November for the Raleigh Asia Regional Conference.  This annual event takes place in a different country each year, hosted by one of the Raleigh Asia societies. The conference first started back in 2005 as a way for the Asian societies to get together to share their passion for Raleigh, and to support and encourage each other in their endeavours. This year it was the turn of Raleigh KL to welcome us to their wonderful city.

Participating this year in the conference were Raleigh alumni from Malaysia (both the KL and Sabah societies), Singapore, Hong Kong, a large contingent from Raleigh China, and visitors from Raleigh Bermuda and Raleigh Nicaragua too – this is becoming more of a world conference every year!  We have seen friends from Australia and Thailand at previous conferences, and in 2015 we hope that Raleigh New Zealand will be able to join us a the next event which will be held in Sabah.

The weekend was really valuable for everyone who took part, and a great opportunity to share news from across the Raleigh community.

As Raleigh Hong Kong are also celebrating their 30th anniversary this year, there were a lot of stories to swap and reminisce over. We were lucky to have attendees from the very first boats, Eye of the Wind and Zebu - they had some hair-raising stories of life on expedition back then!


It was also a great opportunity to look to what the societies are doing with their fundraising and initiatives today. Stacey Adams, Chief Executive of Raleigh International, talked through some of the great work that Raleigh completed in 2013, and gave updates on the current strategy up to 2016. We followed this with a really useful session on using the Theory of Change framework, a session on governance, and updates from each country. 

The societies all have their own really impressive fundraising events and activities; for example Raleigh Hong Kong run the Wilson Challenge event every year. The Wilson Trail is an epic 78 km race held every year to raise funds for Raleigh HK participants to join overseas expeditions. This year 1,000 participants signed up - an amazing achievement, and the record number of sign-ups to date!

Meanwhile, Raleigh China are running regular youth camps for Chinese youth, and have been growing exponentially since their inception in 2008. It is really difficult to single out any particular society, though, as each group has so many committed and passionate members from Raleigh expeditions old and new. These were all shared with the group, to both laughter and a few tears; some of the stories were so inspirational and touching!

Raleigh KL

Proceedings started with a 30th birthday cake to celebrate Raleigh’s 30th anniversary, kindly made by friends of Raleigh KL. By the end of the conference on Sunday, lots of new friendships were forged and memories created. Needless to say, everyone is looking forward to next year’s conference in Borneo!

This year, Raleigh's 30th birthday is being celebrated by alumni groups and societies around the world. Have you been part of a celebration, or have Raleigh memories to share? Let us know at alumni@raleighinternational.org