14C final phase allocation: Find out where everyone is going

3rd April 2014



Our project groups returned to Basecamp on the 31st March for second Changeover.  At this stage, Alpha team venturers from Phase two are reallocated to new Alpha teams and projects.  Find out where everyone is heading for their next ,and final, phase...


The next time our teams will be back is for the end of expedition review - this is where venturers can reflect and celebrate their achievements, aswell providing a chance to say their good-byes...but keep your messages of encouragement coming via the blog and we will endeavour to get them to your friends and family.


Alpha 1

Kg Kodong: Strengthening community resilience with the repair of the Community Learning Centre, toilet construction and a WASH programme.

Vs – Max Balbernie, Aisling Brown, Katie Butcher, Rebecca Cadman, Ellen Davies, Boudewijn Doedes Breunin, James (Jim) Hancock, Aya Khedairi, Ian Lamond, Calvin Liwana, Arthur Lonsdale, Eric Roberts and Muhammad Shaqil
PMs - Leanne Bird, James Lugassy

final alpha groups-1

Alpha 2
Kg Nibang: WASH programme, repair of a Gravity-fed Water System and the installation of toilets and sanitation units.

Vs – Roel Brinkhorst, William Powell, Louis de Montfort, Daniel Gray, Claire Jong, Maxim Mahoney, James Massey, Jeko Odokong, Ralph Salter, Sarah Walsh, Lee Jia Wei, Maddy Wyburd and Ellen Haines
PMs – Lisa Gilthero, Alice Trimble

final alpha groups-6



Alpha 3
Maliau Basin: Repair of tree planting nursery and trail maintenance.

Vs – Harriet Byrne, Jon Constable, Lucy Glenhill-Flynn, Gregory Kemp, Hannah Lloyd-Davies, Georgia Mac Farlane, Alex Mills, Jeppguis Pius, Joris Rosendaal, Isabelle Tan, Miron ten Haven, Frederik Westerhout and India Jane Wise
PMs - Tom de Wilton, Holly Brooker, Cat Cullen

final alpha groups-3

Alpha 4
Taliwas: Building of board walk and accommodation.

Vs – Matty Beaumont-Epste, Harry Chisholm, Saar Colenbrander, Evalie Duing, Fiona Fingland, Julia Hakkenbroek, James Humphrey, Thomas Kenelm, Steven Kerf, Alexa Kielstra, Callum McCabe, Eric Soo and Gabriela Vinson
PMs - Chris Rowe, Richard Morris, Kelly-Ann Whybrow

final alpha groups-2

Adventure & Leadership

Alpha 5 & 6,– Adventure: Diving reefs in the Tunku Abdul Rahman marine park, trekking in Long Pasia

Alpha 5


Vs – Eva Lynette Joseph Francis, Sam Coughtrie, Nicholas Aw, Gennivi Bernadius, Theo Gwyther, Ewan (Alex) MacGregor, Ewen Meaker, Elizabeth Mellish, James Munro, Hanna Swarts, Chris Vogelzang
PMs – Lee Brooks and Sophie Robinson

final alpha groups-4

Alpha 6


Vs – Ellie Bailey, Lottie Beadle, Akaash Bhardwaj-Pa, Kimberley Chok, Thomas Ingham, Roderick Korthals, Edward Mason, Nathalie Spencer, Shafiq Adzin Suffian, Anthony Anderson, Michael van Zyl and Chiam Xin-Jin
PMs – Rose Abbott, Sonal Amin

final alpha groups-5