Raleigh Borneo HCV alumni team beach clean up!

23rd August 2013

Raleigh Borneo HCV alumni team are a group of former Venturers from Sabah. Last week, they dedicated their weekend to cleaning up the beautiful island of Mamutik.

DSC 0436The event was organised by our HCV (Host Country Venturer) Coordinator for Sabah, Christian Emanuell. Christian works for Raleigh Borneo and is responsible for helping Raleigh recruit Malaysian volunteers from Sabah to join our expeditions.

He also maintains contact with them by organising reunion events such as this.  Christian, along with Kar Lye Tam our HCV Coordinator for East Malaysia provides translations and gives us valuable insight into Malaysian culture. 

Raleigh considers the participation of young people from Malaysia crucial to the success of our expeditions and it enriches the experience for all of us on expedition. 

There are four challenges to a Raleigh expedition

The first three Raleigh challenges are:  being selected, fundraising to take part, and of course the challenge of the expedition itself.  The fourth challenge is to make a difference on the return home. 

During this beach clean up event, the Raleigh Borneo HCV alumni team certainly made a difference!
DSC 0319

During the Adventure Phase of Expedition 13E, Alpha 5 and 6 gain their PADI scuba diving qualification then spend 5 days conservation-diving at Mamutik to replant coral or marine litter-picking. 

The Raleigh Borneo HCV alumni team however, focussed their efforts on dry land. They scaled the shoreline and surf removing a huge amount of plastic waste that had been washed up from the mainland, as well as dropped litter.

DSC 0250  DSC 0309

DSC 0428  DSC 0441

DSC 0464

The team collectively cleared a staggering 30kg of rubbish –
a huge achievement! 

IMG 6264  DSC 0327  

IMG 6272   DSC 0328

DSC 0312a  DSC 0312  DSC 0311

They also found some beach treasures along the way

DSC 0330

On behalf of everyone at Raleigh Borneo, and all visitors to Mamutik Island..

Thank you Raleigh Borneo HCV alumni team for your hardwork!

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