Raleigh Borneo Welcomes the 16M Advance team!

18th September 2016

This blog is where all of the exciting stories and updates will be posted by the communications team as well as contributions made by the Venturers throughout the whole of Expedition 16M. You can visit the blog regularly to keep abreast of the projects and the impacts being made by our teams in Borneo. We hope you’ll be as excited and enthused as we are about all the amazing things we have planned over the next 13 weeks. At Raleigh Borneo we are encouraging everyone to sustain the small stuff to make a big difference.

The advance team arrives at Fieldbase a week before all our other Volunteer Manages to help prepare for expedition.

We’re welcoming:

D.O.M Deputy Operation Manager: Tommy

Tommy is responsible for coordinating and communicating the operational detail to those on expedition.

Logistics team:  Sally, Elle & Charlotte

The logistics team’s responsibility is to ensure that all of our projects are equipped with the correct tools and food during the expedition.

Advance Medics: Lara & Nick


The advance medics are in charge of making sure all the medical kits and paperwork are ready for expedition.

Administration: Katie

Katie will be responsible for all the forms, filing, stationery and printing associated with expedition.

Photographer: Elaine

The Photographer will be ensuring you guys are able to see all the hard work and great things our teams get up to during expedition.

Communications officer: Corin

Corin is responsible for documenting the progress and achievements of Expedition 16M.

In our next blog we’ll be meeting our entire Volunteer Manager team who will be arriving in Fieldbase on Tuesday.

Looking Ahead
22nd September 2016 – Project Managers arrive
27th September 2016 – Volunteer Manager allocations
03rd October 2016 – Pre-project Visit
Remember you can contact anyone on the current expedition here https://raleighstage.wpengine.com/contact-a-volunteer-borneo-expedition/

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