Face-to-face with Raleigh Borneo 14C volunteer managers

12th February 2014

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 If confidence springs from hard work, our expedition project managers and fieldbase team can now afford to be quietly optimistic. In the last few days, they have tightened the slack on training, polishing their skills and honing their minds. Soft skills, including community interaction training, have been mixed with essential hard skills, as project deployment nears. It is no longer about counting the days; it is about making the days count.

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Volunteer managers join Raleigh for a host of different reasons; most are on different paths or stages in their careers and lives. Their diversity as people strengthens the collective.

Before expedition deployment they will go through a jumble of emotions: fear, doubt, hope, excitement...we video-interviewed a group of volunteer managers on the eve of expedition to find out how they were feeling about deployment, what skills they will bring to the table on 14C, and what fears they may harbour about entering the jungle.

Debs was previously on an Indian ICS expedition and most recently a Borneo expedition and will now be working with the Malaysian Special Olympians on her project group.

Tom is an engineer who was formerly a venturer (young volunteer) in India; he brings  a novel experience in engineering.

Sonal is a returning Raleigh project manager who undertook an expedition in Costa Rica; she works in public relations and is keen to discover Borneo and work with its local communities.

Carol has been working tirelessly behind the scenes in logistics to ensure the whole expedition runs smoothly. She has vistied over 85 countries.

Lee is a musician and journalist from the Isle of Man who makes his debut as a Raleigh project manager.

Medic, Emma, is also a Raleigh first-timer hoping to learn more about expedition medicine and the incredible ecology of Borneo.