Raleigh Expeditions 16E&F: What’s happening in Borneo?

6th June 2016

Why do you need an advanced group of Volunteer Managers?

Running an expedition is a big job, and so we rely on our advance week volunteers to help us get the groundwork done before the arrival of the full Volunteer Manager team in a week’s time.  As summer is a busy expedition for us, we have lots of work to do.

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Tina and Adam are our Deputy Operations Managers for the expedition.  Adam will be focusing on the 5 week program, while Tina will be managing the 10 week.


Our Logistics Coordinators Matt, Faith, Kate & Max are responsible for ensuring the smooth running of all the logistical requirements of expedition; including the ordering and distribution of food, equipment and radios.


Our Advance Medics Louisa and Louise will have a busy few days ensuring the correct medical equipment is deployed with our project groups.


Our Photographers Morgan and Rich will be acquainting themselves with the sights of Sabah, as well as documenting all the hard work that goes on in fieldbase this week.


Louise, our Administrator, will be ensuring all the paperwork is ready to go for the arrival of our next team of Volunteer Managers, as well as working to make sure all your blog posts get delivered to our volunteers.

Why are there two expeditions running at the same time?

Summer expedition is a little bit different from Autumn and Spring.  It’s all go at a now very busy Raleigh Fieldbase as we have not one, but two expeditions running.  Expedition 16E is for our 7 and 10 week volunteers.  This expedition runs over the space of 13 weeks for the Volunteer Managers, comprising three separate phases.  During this time they will be working in some of our stunning conservation areas, spending time working alongside communities in remote villages and trekking through the jungle.

Volunteers on expedition 16F will have the chance to participate in either an environmental or community project during their first phase.  In the second phase they’ll be trekking off into the jungle to take part in our Adventure Challenge, coming face to face with nature and the joys of living outdoors.

How will I tell the difference between the two expeditions on the blog?

To make things a bit easier, we give different names to our two intrepid groups of volunteers.  Groups on the 10 & 7 week programs will be known as Alpha groups.  Whilst those on a 5 week program will be called Zulu groups.

When will I next get updated?

We’ll be striving over the coming months to post roughly two blogs a week, giving you plenty of opportunity to keep up to date with all the news from Raleigh Borneo.

Until next time: jumpa lagi! 

Remember you can contact anyone on expedition here https://raleighstage.wpengine.com/contact-a-volunteer-borneo-expedition/

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