Raleigh Olympics: All for one, and one for all!

1st October 2016

Guess the cards

A series of playing cards from ace to king is shuffled and placed facing down, the participants in a team then take their turn to guess the cards and unveil it in sequentially ascending order. Card turned outside of order goes back on the pile facing down. The first team to unveil all the cards in order, wins.



Each team is given a coin which they have to put into a cup placed at a distance. However, the participants are not allowed to use their hands. Rather, they can either hold the coin onto their chest with their chin and place it into the cup, which earns them 1 point, or they can hold it in their butt cheeks, which earns them 2 points. The team with the highest number of points, wins.


Grab the bottle

Bottles are placed in a row and a line is drawn. Each team allocates a member to grab the bottle, where the rest of the team members help him/her to grab them without crossing the line. None of the team members should touch the floor beyond the line. The team that grabs the farthest bottle, wins.


Wheel-Barrow Race

This game needs no introduction…


Catch the balloon

The team that can throw and catch a water balloon for the farthest distance without bursting it, wins.


Water, over-under

Each team stands in a line between two buckets placed at each end, where the bucket at the start of the line is filled with water and the one at the end is empty. The participants are then required to fill the bucket at the end by passing the water in a cup, where the cup must go over the shoulder and under the legs of every alternating participant. The bucket with the most amount of water, wins.


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