Raleigh societies unite at the Raleigh Asia Regional Conference

19th December 2017

Raleigh’s national societies are independent, primarily volunteer-run alumni groups who are inspiring young people around the world. Every society is different, so the Raleigh Asia Regional Conference was an amazing opportunity for society members to come together, to share ideas and learn from each other about how to encourage young people to make positive change.

Through a number of workshops, society members shared the various ways in which they facilitate active citizenship. Raleigh’s societies are bringing young people together to champion issues that are important on both a local and global level. They are tackling topics which are most relevant to them; For example, National Raleigh Society of India is passionate about developing youth groups in rural villages, while Raleigh Hong Kong is aiming to promote sustainable consumption and boost marine conservation.

While they shared the areas in which they are active, society members also brainstormed ways to upskill young people and engage them, such as through university groups, social clubs and youth councils. By offering skills in public speaking, problem solving and to design campaigns, they believe they can give young people a voice to mobilise action and help achieve the Global Goals. The conference gave society members the opportunity to develop existing connections and make new contacts; working together as a global Raleigh network to make change happen.

The Raleigh Asia Regional Conference was an opportunity to see the inspiring work of Raleigh’s societies and to celebrate their amazing successes in the last year; Raleigh China, founded in 2008, is thriving and now have 5,000 members across 14 major cities, their highest number of members ever. Meanwhile, after forming last year, Raleigh Japan Society sent their first two young people on Raleigh International Expedition. Raleigh Bermuda also sent several alumni back on Expedition as Volunteer Managers. It was also excellent to hear from Raleigh Mongolia Youths on their first year since launching in April 2017, and their plans to inspire more young people from Mongolia to volunteer on a Raleigh International Expedition.

As the conference drew to a close, it was clear that Raleigh’s societies are dedicated to continuing their collective success in 2018. Many societies have pledged to work alongside each other on joint events and to continue living Raleigh’s vision of a global community working to build a sustainable future.

Raleigh International’s Alumni and Philanthropy Manager, Emily Prince, said:

“It was extraordinary to have over 50 Raleigh alumni at the Raleigh Asia Conference. From those who joined a Raleigh society this year to alumni who volunteered on Operation Raleigh in 1985, everyone who is part of a Raleigh society is passionate about empowering young people to make positive change in their own country and globally. What’s most inspiring is that 90% of society members are volunteers, getting involved with Raleigh on top of their everyday jobs and family commitments. They have dedicated hundreds of hours to making the world a better place in Raleigh’s name, and their energy, commitment and dedication is exemplary. They are a true, shining symbol of the lasting impact of Raleigh on our volunteers”.

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