15F: It’s Allocations!

27th July 2015

  Following on from our last blog, it is time to reveal the groups for the next 5 weeks! The teams were revealed yesterday morning after getting back from their trek training. They went straight into activities designed to encourage discussion around cultural awareness. With such a diverse range of people it is important that each person ensures that the team stay united, that no-one feels excluded and that they are working together towards a shared goal. In the evening a dynamic team activity known as the Raleigh Rally, involving 9 7 minute round robins, got underway. This got them thinking about how they were working as a team, and how they should take those learnings into the future. With each group heading off to their respective communities this morning we hope that not only do they have great successes in the villages in which they will be working, but that they also return to changeover in 3 weeks time as one team. So, here are the allocations! Golf 1 - working with the village of Endagikot, Mbulu in partnership with DMDD are: Golf 1 Arthur Bethany Billie Charlie Geogrey Godrich Isobel Jeromiah (VM) Maddy (VM) Morgan L Rachel (VM) Sakhee Saumu Victoria Golf 2, working with the village of Silaloda, Mbulu in partnership with DMDD are: Golf 2 2 Beatrice Fanuel (VM) Freya Halfan Herneriko Isabelle John Morgan Nat (VM) Nienke Ross (VM) Sean Sharon (VM) Thomas Golf 3, working with the community of Hayderer, Mbulu in partnership with DMDD are: Golf 3 Albert Alison (VM) Ben (VM) Daniel Gemma Gibson (VM) Gildas Jennifer Kelly Kerin Lucy Maud Mónica Nordin And here is the official 15F photo! Group Photo