Raleigh Times remembered and shared…

22nd June 2015

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Raleigh Office heartily welcome our 15 M&N alumni!

The grand event of this week was Return Volunteer (RV) weekend. When we saw the smiling faces on Saturday morning it flashed back all the memories from last cycle, a little nostalgic.

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Whole day was fun, the session facilitated by our enthusiastic Raleigh staff. We all love ice breakers, as it is always fun to warm-up everyone and kick start the day. The session started with awareness videos, group activities, Millennium Development Goals and the alumni participation made it all the more exciting. Action at home session was very helpful as they shared their ideas and experiences, watched some inspirational videos, which made them more determined to complete Action At home. We also celebrated international yoga day by having a morning yoga session led by one our alumni.

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The volleyball competition was worth watching, the match got more exciting when Raleigh staff landed in the court with our confident alumni. Over the top quiz competition about Raleigh staff, ICS and some general question was a great treat and the staff who were judging the talent show and skit competition were overwhelmed, a very tough decision to declare the winner.

But yes, every ICS  volunteer is a winner, everyone has their share of prize. And of course, for those who had completed their Action at Home, the certificate from the UK Prime Minister was something that made them feel like an ICS graduate.

The entire event reminded us here in India that although our office doors will close this summer, we have such a fantastic, dedicated team of Raleigh active citizens, that we are certain that the National Raleigh Society, set up with alumni to continue our work, will be a huge success!