Revolutionaries, rocks and rangers

2nd August 2013

CRN 13H JK Environment Delta 2 - Carara 7926 600x400

The theme of our expedition, i.e. what we think about when it is too wet to work, has been inspirational people. As this is the rainy season – indeed it’s raining as I write this – we consequently have quite a lot of time to ponder this topic.

From Werner and Joseph, we have been learning about the actions of South American leaders, one past and one present. The first, Simón Bolívar was a revolutionary that led Ecuador, Peru, Columbia, Venezuela and North Chile to freedom from the Spanish Conquistadors. He led small groups of freedom fighters masterminding a huge revolution from the early 1800s, showing great perseverance and bravery.

The current leader of Uruguay is one of Joseph’s personal heroes. He donates a huge amount of money to charity leading by example and showing a large degree of thoughtfulness towards his fellow human beings.

On a much more local scale, the rangers who run the great, mostly untouched, Carara National Park, have also provided us with inspiration. When we first arrived we heard from Oscar about the park and the struggles they face to keep on top of the maintenance of the trails, whilst patrolling the rest of the park to protect the animals from poachers. We were shocked to hear how Oscar regularly places himself in dangerous situations, in protecting the animals from the armed hunters.

Our hope is that the work we are doing on the trail will bring in money for the park through new eco-tourism, which will in turn raise awareness of the uniqueness of Carara and put an end to the poaching of its animal inhabitants.

When it hasn’t been raining, work has been progressing well on the trail. We have finished laying all the edging rocks. We have also been improving the drainage system to keep the trails usable in the rainy season.

Having seen the tourists slip and slide over the muddier parts of the track, it has been really satisfying to know that the work we are doing will mean a better experience for them in future.

CRN 13H JK Environment Delta 2 - Carara 7926 600x400