Rice to meet you!

14th July 2017

Firstly, we introduced ourselves and Raleigh to the community, severely testing the UK volunteers’ basic Nepali in the process! We ran a games session for the local children which was not only fun, but also helped to create rapport and increase our presence in the community.

The team making future plans

Following on from last phase’s work, we have conducted two trips to Muldanda Hill on the eastern side of the village. Many villagers here, particularly those higher up on the hill, are more isolated from village affairs and have struggled with irrigating their crops. A plastic pond has already started to be built, with a training session and the plastic needed for the build due to be brought in next week. Our development partners RADO have not only agreed to provide the plastic for the pond, but also the technical assistance and know-how to ensure a successful and lasting build.

It’s harvest time here in Dumrekuna and that means lots of corn to be de-husked and rice to be planted! Our meeting room was full to the brim with corn at the beginning of the week, but we have now managed to de-husk and clear every last one and now have a space in which to operate! Harvested corn means space to plant rice, and that’s exactly what we did with some of the local women!

Ayushree assessing the pond in preparation for pond training session

One of our greatest successes this week was our Community Meeting at the end of the week. Thirty-eight adult members of the community showed up to hear Rodhan, one of the Nepali volunteers, give an informative speech about Raleigh and the work we do. Kabiraj, our project partner from RADO, introduced himself and his organisation and many present at the meeting have signed up to the training sessions being offered by our Training Committee.

Once harvest is finished, hopefully within the week, we will be fully ready to begin training and construction. Until then, over and out and Namaste!


Written By UK Volunteer George (November Charlie 6)

Dumrekuna, Makwanpur


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