Ride for your lives

5th December 2013


As we enter the season of excess, staying fit and healthy is a priority that can slip down the pecking order...

Whilst 'Boris Bikes' have already taken over the Capital, how about taking them on an awareness raising journey from London to Brighton? Raleigh ICS India RVs, Team Leader Lucy and Dr Tim did just that.

Fresh from their three month placements in rural south India, Lucy and Tim wanted to share their ICS experience with others, particularly the importance of an active lifestyle and good nutrition. Lucy explains:"I wanted to encourage more people at home to realise how important it is for bettering yourself and also local communities, and how lucky we are to have public services such as the NHS..." "We were all keen to talk about and promote health, fitness and nutrition and the Boris bikes brought a great deal of interest to allow us to do that.", adds Tim.


"Fundamental to my role in India was to help the teams to develop tools to deliver health promotion to their villages.  A fair proportion of this related to traditionally 'developed country' diseases such as diabetes, heart disease and cancers.  The action at home project allowed me to relate my experiences in India to problems facing people in the UK and to share some of what I'd learnt to make people more aware of how similar our nutritional problems can be." 

During her placement in India, Lucy kept active on placement: "Every day in our village I would lead a morning exercise activity; ranging from running and circuits all the way to clap-press up competitions." She hopes to continue to keep fit and encourage others to do so. "The cycle ride was really successful in encouraging people to get out there and join exercise classes/running clubs, I am planning to do a sky dive soon to encourage others to join in!"

So a physical challenge such as a bike ride can be as effective in raising awareness as a talk or presentation, perhaps even more so because it's practical and interactive. The key is to use your skills and your interests. If cycling isn't your thing then you could be just as practical (and successful) with a Fairtrade cookery session, although you might need a bikeride after sampling your freshly baked cakes! 

Have Lucy and Tim inspired you to get active and raise awareness? Tell us about your plans and we'll support you every step of the way. Email us: alumni@raleighinternational.org