Hola from the Raleigh International 14A Advance Team!

18th January 2014

We’re the latest team to feature on this blog, which will be used to share the Raleigh experience with the world. For the next three months or so, we’ll be bringing you highlights of our Venturers and Volunteer Managers’ efforts as they undertake and support projects aimed at creating a global community through sustainable projects.

Having arrived yesterday, the Advance Team have been settling in to Fieldbase and getting a feel for our home for the next three months, and getting a better idea of our role within Raleigh International’s mission. Assessment weekends and development weekends are one thing, but being in-country is another.

Here’s a quick who’s who of people here to get the expedition rolling.

Simon, Country Programme Manager

 Simon, Country Programme Manager

 Simon is in charge of everything that’s related to running Raleigh    International’s operation in Costa Rica and Nicaragua. That is all.





Keiner, Country Expedition ManagerKeiner, Country Expedition Manager

Keiner is our go-to person for our jobs at Fieldbase. He knows everything about all our roles and is full of knowledge about Raleigh International and how it works in Costa Rica.





Blue, Deputy Programme Manager Blue, Deputy Programme Manager

 Blue works closely with Keiner in managing the work of the Volunteer  Managers and ensuring the completion of the tasks required to make  Raleigh projects happen.



The Logistics Team, left to right, Lucy, Julie-Anne, Chris and Sarah

Lucy, Julie-Anne, Chris and Sarah, Logistics Team

The Logistics team are the people who make sure all Raleigh’s planned activities happen. This can range from ensuring there’s porridge for breakfast to managing equipment.

Jen and Marc, Medics Jen and Marc, Medics

 As their titles suggest, Jen and Marc look after our health and well-being,  from treating snakebites to a simple hug.





Laura and Rich, AdministrationLaura and Rich, Administration

The Fieldbase Gatekeepers, Laura and Rich manage the paperwork and are our go to people for the day-to-day things we might need in Fieldbase.




Tess and Ronan, the Communications Team Tess and Ronan, Communications Team   

 Tess is the expedition Photographer. She’ll be taking pictures of us and  Raleigh’s projects to bring our work to you in full colour. Ronan is the  Communications Officer. He’ll mostly be looking after the blog and is  finding it weird writing about himself in the third person.




Nana and Ani, National Volunteer Coordinators

Nana and Ani are in charge of the recruitment of volunteers from Costa Rica and Nicaragua, from marketing through to the volunteer selection process. 

Don Martin, Fieldbase Master

Don Martin looks after Raleigh’s buildings here, including Fieldbase itself and our sleeping quarters, as well as Raleigh’s vehicles.

We look forward to bringing you more updates from the expedition over the coming months. Stay tuned for more happy days!

Pura vida!!