Salaam (greetings) from Salawe – team Alpha five’s update

20th October 2014

Team alpha five have a campsite meeting

It is always great to hear our venturers’ perspectives. In this post, Becky, from team Alpha five, writes about what the team have been doing so far; the important links they have already made with key members of the community; and also a little about what the area is like.

Let’s hear from Becky:

"The sun is shining; the locals are smiling and Alpha five are enjoying a short rest to reflect on their progress so far.

Team alpha five have a campsite meeting

Our camp is right beside the new Early Childhood Development Centre – we’ll be plastering and painting the building once the windows and doors are in place. Michael, the Community Development Officer introduced us to the team of builders we will be working with.

Team Alpha five with builders outside school building

We visited the current kindergarten and primary schools and met with the teachers and children.

Team Alpha five singing with kindergarten children

We went to see a women’s group and visited the local church. A youth group and a motorcycle group came to our camp to introduce themselves and we discussed how we could work together. Everyone was hugely welcoming and pleased to see us. We will be working together to help them all have a better future.

Team Alpha five meets motorbike club

We’re fortunate to have a market here, just five minutes’ walk from our camp. We buy food for our dinner here every day and after dozens of hellos, hi-fives and handshakes, you’ll find yourself surrounded by fresh fruit and vegetables.

At night, we all gather around the campfire with a hot drink to discuss the next day’s plans. The stars glisten in the dark, clear’s a beautiful place to be."

Team Alpha five around the campfire