Salawe Celebrates the End of Expedition with Alpha 5

29th August 2014

Visiting Alpha 5 this week for the second time in Salawe Village, Shinyanga region this expedition has been incredible. Although it felt like visiting relatives (I spent a week with Alpha 5 at the beginning of phase 1), seeing the progress on the Early Childhood Development (ECD) Centre build and the positive relationships that had deepened between Alpha 5 and the community is a testament to the success of the project.

The aims of the project are to work with the local community and Save the Children to build an ECD Centre for under 5s and raise awareness of its benefits as well as good hand hygiene habits. Since my last visit, Alpha 5 had successfully engaged with Salawe’s Womens Group, various Churches, the Village Chairmen and the Upendo Group, a social group for those living with HIV. They all came out in their droves for the Alpha 5 goodbye party and to celebrate the work they had all done to improve their community.

Building relationships with the local school: Venturers, teachers and school children in front of the mural created by Alpha 5, Salawe Primary School

Goodbye Party

The Alpha 5 goodbye event, which took place in the local party venue in Salawe centre, was well attended with over 150 community members. It was a chance for Alpha 5 to express their thanks to the community for hosting them and for the community group leaders to comment on how working with Raleigh Tanzania had benefited them, ‘’We feel privileged to have worked with Raleigh and have them in our village’’- Salawe Village Leader

We feel that we have learnt from you and what we have learnt we look forward to implementing in the village. Also, with Raleigh’s continuing involvement, I promise you we will continue with the Early Childhood Development Centre Build! – Mike, Salawe’s Executive Officer, Save the Children.

‘’You are like a member of Salawe Village, you are welcome’’ –member of the Salawe Womens Group

The celebrations were followed by food, music and dancing!

Local community members wave their goodbyes to Alpha 5

The Early Childhood Development Centre (ECD Centre)

The ECD Centre is almost complete and Alpha 5 has made great progress over the last few months by digging the foundations and laying the brickwork for the new building. The next building phase over the next few weeks will see the local Fundis (workmen) complete the roofing and plumbing etc. Next expedition can look forward to working with the local community to complete the final touches such as plastering and decoration – with the final opening planned for early next year!

Above and below: Laying the brickwork for the new ECD Centre with local Fundi


The ECD Centre is almost complete!