SALY-B: A New Approach for Raleigh Borneo

14th June 2017

They’ll be delivering the second part of the SALY-B project; supporting young people to develop their ideas and set up eco-friendly enterprises. This follows the initial phase of training, which helped to develop young people’s understanding of rainforest conservation, citizen science and leadership. The training was delivered in partnership with LEAP (Land, Empowerment, Animals and People) and Sabah’s Forest, Drainage and Irrigation and Wildlife Departments.

Who are our Volunteer Facilitators, and what brought them to SALY-B?

Aurelia comes from an online marketing background, and her previous experience with Raleigh in Tanzania was key in bringing her to SALY-B; “I really enjoyed my time in Tanzania, and was involved in a 2 week International Citizen Service (ICS) programme in partnership with Google. I was impressed with the impact that Raleigh was having, as I believe in the entrepreneurship model; empowering people and giving them the tools to be self-reliant. That’s why I’m here as a Volunteer Facilitator.”

Nadya (left) and Aurelia (right) discussing their Project Planning Visits.

Nadya, a teacher, was part of a Raleigh Borneo expedition in 2016 and participated in some early workshops that were the precursors to SALY-B; “After being involved in these initial workshops, I wanted to come and be part of the full programme. I’m really looking forward to getting to know the local communities better.

This is Corin’s third time with Raleigh, having been on two previous expeditions; “I’m studying Business Administration and my Dad has set up his own business from scratch. I’m looking forward to taking this experience and applying it to the challenges ahead. Through Raleigh I know what young people are capable of, and I’m looking forward to witnessing youth determination in action through SALY-B.”

Harriet (left) and Corin (right) during Volunteer Facilitator training.

Harriet completed ICS in Tanzania in 2014, and knew she’d be interested in building on this experience; “Now that I’m studying Geography and International Development, I think I can bring home the fact that it’s sustainable green enterprise we’re looking to build, and not just enterprise. This is what attracted me specifically – and that it’s a new programme, with an interesting and exciting aim.

What is SALY-B all about for our Volunteer Facilitators?

Aurelia says; “It’s all about working with young people to help them set up their own businesses, while also improving their employability with training and mentoring.”
SALY-B aims to combine indigenous knowledge of the local environment with modern conservation techniques, while supporting young people to launch their own sustainable businesses. The project will train 80 young people from 42 indigenous communities in modern conservation techniques and entrepreneurship, helping them to build opportunities that protect the environment and create sustainable income and growth.

SALY-B participants learning to test water quality.

Corin says; “Raleigh is starting a platform for young entrepreneurs to set up their own ventures, helping them to create a sustainable income for the future – while also helping to sustain the environment for the future as well.” Harriet is particularly interested in the sustainability side of the project; “SALY-B strongly ties together youth and sustainable development. The two work hand in hand.”

After intense training during Advance Week covering entrepreneurship, innovation, sustainability and much more, our Volunteer Facilitators are now preparing for their Project Planning Visits in the communities they’ll be working with.

Look out for more from SALY-B and our Volunteer Facilitators over the coming weeks.

Read more about SALY-B here.

Funding provided by the United States Government and the legacy donation of Sarah Young, in memory of Raleigh Borneo alumna Sarah.


Upcoming dates for SALY-B:
16th June: Volunteer Facilitators Project Planning Visits begin
23rd June: Volunteer Facilitators begin enterprise training

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