Secondary Project – Charlie 1

18th August 2013

C1 week 5

We were in Singida for the majority of the week for the mid-term review. It was a good time to reflect on Phase 1 and begin to plan Phase 2.

As well as continuing with our primary project of building the school latrines, Raleigh also provided us with a small amount of funding for a secondary project. Each Charlie team wrote a proposal and presented their idea to a panel of judges, in an exercise that was called the ‘Dragon’s Apprentice’.

As a team we discussed what was important to the development of the community and what would have the most impact. We proposed an educational study room at the secondary school. We came up with the idea after our action research at the school (in which the children drew their model Tanzanian secondary school) showed that a library was desired by all of the children, in order to maximise their learning potential.

We were very happy and pleased when the Raleigh judges approved our idea and we are looking forward to getting started. We are going to paint an empty classroom, as they are all very plain at the moment. With the addition of some inspirational quotes, a ‘star wall’ for students work, and some books, we hope we can provide a comfortable environment for the children to work independently.

As part of the Dragon’s Apprentice, we also had to come up with our own ‘team brand’ and this was where ‘Chipanga Scorpions’ was born. Our motto is ‘tufanye kwa pamoja’ which means ‘let’s work together’. Since being back at home in Chipanga, we have continued to engage with the community in the hope that they will come and work with us.

All is well with Chipanga Scorpions and we are looking forward to the rest of phase 2!

C1 week 5

The classroom in the local school which will be the focus of Charlie 1's secondary project