All set and ready to go! Planning visits completed and volunteers have arrived.

20th March 2017

The 17S Raleigh ICS programme will see over 150 young people from across Tanzania and the UK coming together to work in partnership to create lasting change within rural communities across Tanzania. Over the next few days the volunteers will embark on three days of intensive training that will cover topics including:

    • Cultural Awareness and Village Life
    • Health and Safety
    • Risk Assessments
    • Casualty Evacuation
    • Health and Hygiene
    • First Aid

In addition to the above they will be learning more about the specific projects from the TLs following their PPVs. During the PPVs the TLs learnt all about the project they will be working on and met with the respective project partners. Most importantly they spent time within the community and built relationships with the village leaders and members of the community with whom they will be working. They are all excited and looking forward to sharing their knowledge with the volunteers over the next few days. We caught up with some of them to see how they got on.

Charlie 4 – WASH: Vicky, Matt and Elikana
“PPV was great as we were able to meet community leaders, discuss the project and lay the foundations for the project. It also gave us a chance to bond as a leadership unit.”

Charlie 3, in Difinga Village
Charlie 3, in Difinga Village

Charlie 5 – WASH: Augustino and Maisie
“We were given such a warm welcome by the community when we arrived, which made completing some primary research about the village easier. We also built a good relationship with the village leaders in a short space of time, this has enabled us to feel prepared and confident ahead of our arrival with the volunteers.”

Echo 2 – Livelihoods: Sarah, Onesmo and Talq
“PPV was a great opportunity to get to know the community where we are going to live for the next three months and also meet young entrepreneurs who we will be working with. The village members were very happy to see us, it felt like they had been waiting for us to arrive for years, they are very excited to be involved in entrepreneurship training. Our role in this village is to change people’s lives and we are excited to go back with the volunteers and get started.”

Echo 2 with the community
Echo 2 with the community

Echo 4 – Livelihoods: Jordan, Anneth and Joanne
“We got to meet our project partners and community members during our PPV, which helped us to understand he problems that they face and the areas we can work with them on to help make improvements in the village. We are looking forward to working with the community to build more businesses and engaging more entrepreneurs to increase the number of local businesses.”

Echo 8 – Livelihoods: Adam and Holly
“The PPV was useful to enable us to fully prepare for our volunteers so we can give them advice on climate, potential challenges and living conditions and also answer any questions they may have.

We are looking forward to meeting our volunteers, and building a strong team with them and the community and the journey our entrepreneurs and all of us will go through over the coming months.”

Over the coming days, the TLs and volunteers will find out their teams and work together preparing to depart for their projects at the end of the week, where they will spend the next three months. Check back in a few days to find out the team allocations!

What’s next

22nd March – All volunteers will be allocated to their specific WASH or Livelihoods groups
24th March – All groups will depart Morogoro for the project sites

Water, Sanitation and Hygiene Youth Economic Empowerment Tanzania