Simaltar Welcomes November Charlie 7

16th July 2016

The village has made us feel welcome from the moment that we set foot off the bus. To settle ourselves and start integrating into the community we decided to visit each house in the village to share with them why we were here. We then went on to celebrate the UN international day of cooperation which fell on the first Saturday we were in the village. It is important to be inclusive and make a positive impression, so we ensured that key people, such as major stakeholders, village leaders, teachers women, men, and children were included in all of our activities.

Pictures of ourselves as a way of introducing ourselves to everyone
Pictures of ourselves as a way of introducing ourselves to everyone
...and games with the children.jpg
…and games with the children.jpg

We drew pictures of ourselves and stuck them on the wall of the community centre, as a way of introducing ourselves to everyone. We also included the village children who helped us to make posters to mark the UN day and after playing lots of cooperation led games, discussing why it’s important that Raleigh and the community work together, and explaining our purpose in the village to everyone, we felt accepted by the community and realised that some of the children had bonded with us like a family.

After our small integration day, we found everyone was very enthusiastic about our presence in the village. Everyone had lots of ideas about why the volunteers were there and how we can work together for positive change.  We all realise that positive change is only possible through hard work, determination, mutual respect and cooperation. With this, we will be able to get past the large cultural differences and language barriers with relative ease and not only make a lasting impact but lifelong friendships.

Youth In Civil Society Nepal