A simple but a meaningful life

22nd November 2017

with my village sister!
Early morning and afternoon we dig or do construction work which has never been in my schedule before. It is a whole new experience that challenges you to the extreme, especially if you are not a big fan of exercise and like to stay clean all the time (like I was). However, once I made myself ready to learn and take on challenges, soon I started to enjoy every sort of new experiences which I never thought I would like. After some time you start realising beauty in everything, the strengths and weaknesses within yourself,and the importance of accepting yourself before everything. The things you learn from books, quotations you read and words you hear in motivational speeches prove themselves to be true step by step here, on your volunteer journey.
Planning ahead
We are here to do hardware and software work for the development of community along with personal development. We focused more on construction work in the first phase, as we had to complete it before the election. We have finished the pipeline work so far, as well as, some software work which helped us to integrate with community. The more I have learned about the people here, their simple lifestyles, the issues in the community and their humble way of treating people outside of their country and village as guests, the more I want to understand everything in a vivid way. My connection with the community through my host home, the youth club and my warm relationship with locals has given me a sense of responsibility to bring some positive changes into the life of at least some people within the period of time we live here.
Digging trenches early in the morning between the mist
Beside the work, the fun time I manage to spend with my team never allows me to miss my loved ones. The late night conversation with your roommate, showering in the public tap underneath stars and moon, team dinners, which you prepare together as a team, and eat with a grateful heart, chatting for hours, which brings you together regardless of your nationality and cultural background, games you play, laughing together and sleeping together counting falling stars with your group are some of the precious moments I have had here with the NC2 team. The spectacular scenery here, with beautiful sunrises, mountains and rice fields makes me happy whenever I take time to observe it. I am looking forward to gathering more experiences and making more beautiful memories on the second phase of our stay. Written By Kripa November Charlie 2 Dhuseni, Gorkha

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