6th July 2013

With Alpha groups due to deploy to their Phase 1 projects early tomorrow morning, we thought you might like an update on what they’ve been getting up to this week.

Once they’re out on project they’ll radio in to Fieldbase with daily SITREPs – or “Situation Reports”.

So before they go, here’s a very special SITREP from the venturers to everyone reading at home.

Serial Alpha: Date and time - 6th July 2013. 15:00 hours.

Serial Bravo: Location - Fieldbase, Turrialba, Costa Rica.

Serial Charlie: Weather conditions at location are clear and bright. A welcome change from the rains of jungle camp!

Serial Delta: Progress to date has been phenomenal. In just three days we have:

Crossed rivers, learned to navigate and trekked to jungle camp

CRN 13G KW FB alpha2 river cross-6052 600x400  CRN 13G KW FB alpha2 river cross-6058 400x600

Learned how to pitch tents and build basha camps in the pouring rain

CRN 13G KW FB jungle camp alpha5-6091 600x400 

Debated the soundness of “the 5-second rule” in a jungle environment*

CRN 13G KW FB jungle camp alpha6-6124 600x400

Completed our medical training, practised a CASEVAC and stretcher carry so we all know the drill in case of emergency

CRN 13G KW FB medical training-6187 600x400  CRN 13G KW FB jungle camp return alpha4-6138 600x400

Received tools training

CRN 13G KW FB tools training-6157 400x600   CRN 13G KW FB tools training-6162 600x400

And of course, become proficient in the use of the radios so we can keep Fieldbase up-to-date with what we’re up to!

CRN 13G KW FB jungle camp alpha4-6108 600x400   CRN 13G KW FB Resort radio training-5781 400x600

Serial Echo: Future intentions are to complete final kit checks, briefings and packing before dusk. This evening there are rumours of a barbecue and party for our last night at Fieldbase before we head out on project.

Serial Foxtrot: Additional requirements/requests – Please keep sending in your messages - we love receiving them!

Serial Golf: N/A at this time.

Serial Hotel: Next contact will be in a few days time once we have reached project sites and settled in. Once we're out on project we'll be quite remote so you won't hear from us as frequently but we'll try and send an update a week from each Alpha group!


* In case you were worried – we decided against eating pasta from the jungle floor, opting instead to share with other groups!