Six reasons to attend the Raleigh Global Alumni Conference

1st September 2016

Raleigh Global Alumni Conference 2012

1) Be inspired by the amazing line-up.

You’ll hear from some of our incredible alumni who are moving speakers and talented professionals. They include Amelia Womack, the UK’s youngest political party leader and passionate sustainability campaigner, and double cancer survivor Greig Trout (below) who dedicates his time to spreading positivity and enthusiasm.


2) Expand your skills.

Our workshops will give you the chance to gain or build skills around raising awareness, public speaking and fundraising. Google whizzes will also be sharing their expertise and experience from Raleigh. And they have a lot of expertise to share!

3) Catch-up with Raleigh.

We’ll be sharing new research into Raleigh’s long-lasting legacy in countries around the world and giving you a sneak peak of our plans for the future. And we want to hear your thoughts about what it means to be an alumnus and how we can work together.

4) Make new friends…

Because you can never know enough Raleigh people. It’s a great opportunity to network and socialise with fellow alumni

5) …and reconnect with old ones.

From 1984 to 2016. From Bermuda to Zimbabwe. We’ve already sold tickets to alumni from every decade of Raleigh as well as from expeditions in 18 countries and counting.

Raleigh Global Alumni Conference 2012

6) Get energised, motivated and empowered.

By the end of the day you’ll be buzzing with ideas about how to connect, collaborate and create to achieve a better, more just and sustainable world.

It’s going to be GREAT! And we know you don’t want to miss out on some good old Raleigh fun.


Raleigh Global Alumni Conference

We can't wait to see you in London on September 10.

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