Snapping to Success

16th December 2014


Every year, International Citizen Service holds a photography competition for the most inspiring snaps in development. We’re very proud to announce that Raleigh Nicaragua volunteer Martin took the top prize for the most inspiring photos of 2014! This week, we're sharing some of the highlights from his entries.

It’s said that a picture speaks a thousand words, and it’s fair to say that Raleigh volunteers from across the decades have returned with incredible memories, immortalised in well-loved photos. Raleigh ICS volunteer Martin shared his memories with top judges at ICS, and went on to fame and some fantastic prizes!



Entered for categories including ‘Working It Out’, ‘The Team’, and ‘Environmental Action’, Martin’s photos were selected by popular vote and professional photographers from entries across the ICS Consortium.


Martin, originally from Managua, Nicaragua, volunteered as a Team Leader with Raleigh in La Flor, Achuapa. His team worked on a natural resource management programme, helping to plant 1000 trees in the area, as well as working alongside the community to build eco-ovens and latrines. The photos Martin took capture everyday moments in La Flor, while offering real insight into the spirit and passion of the volunteers and community.

Martin 2

“The greatest thing we found in La Flor was the people and their will to help us with everything”

Martin 3

Overall, the competition was a huge success with dozens of entries for each category. A real highlight was the BBC’s celebration of International Volunteer Day, where the competition shortlist was featured on In Pictures. Martin's entries were shown alongside fellow Raleigh volunteers and entrants from across the Consortium.


Martin won a professional-standard camera for his photos, so we look forward to seeing more inspiring snaps in the future!

Do you have incredible photos from your expedition that you’d like to share? Send them in at