Some messages from India Charlie 6…

15th July 2013


Some of the fieldbase team have recently been out on the loop visiting various project sites. These are the messages we recieved from India Charlie 6!


From Louise James – Just a quick hello from Murukampadi! Missing you all greatly and hoping to hear from you soon! I want to know how life in Rochdale/Manchester/North Wales is treating you (Kat how is baby bump getting on??) Life here is wonderful, wet and full of elephants…  I love it! Insects love to eat me and I’ve finally got the hang of using the long drop! Our village and ICV’s are looking after us and making us feel so welcome – it’s starting to feel like home! Love you all, Lou xxxxx (p.s hope Milo has got his card!)


From Laura Sparkes –

Hello family and friends! I’m alive and well (ish – very soggy, muddy and craving non-vegan food).  Missing you all muchly and am looking forward to getting some post from you. Life is here is slow at the moment but packed full of elephants and every day is fascinating and different. Hope you’re all well, happy and enjoying some sunshine. We’ve barely had more than an hour or two of sun here!  Love you all xxx


From Tara Ward- It is the hardest thing to explain in a few words, the feel of India. This place is so untouched by the western world; we have wild elephants wandering through the village and if we see a car it’s a bit of a shock. The villagers are so in touch with their surroundings, we are learning from them! Every day we get closer to their way of life and culture, it is truly amazing! I can’t wait to come home and tell you all about it. Love you all sooooo much! Tara xxxx


From Deepak Sam – Love you Dad, miss you too Amma. Think I finally found a meaning for my life, Deepak.


From Kirsty – I am having an amazing time in Marukampadi and I can’t believe I’ve been in India for nearly 3 weeks already. In our short space of time we’ve seen elephants, met all of the villagers, seen plenty of rain and eaten plenty of chappatis. I miss you all and can’t wait to receive a letter (I am also missing a western toilet!) Love Kirsty xxx



Elephant footprints!