The adventure begins!

14th February 2015

Blog 8 Alpha 1

The venturer induction training is complete and very early this morning our teams departed for the first stage of their adventure!


The groups all successfully completed their practice jungle trek while the blue sky and sunshine at the training ground continued, meaning that assessing a swimming area and cooling off in the river were a welcome relief for all. The six teams are now travelling across Sabah to their communities, environmental and trek or dive sites where they will spend the next 19 days. Here are the first project groups, where they are going and what they will be doing.

Kampung Tiku is building a community learning centre - Alpha 1

Blog 8 Alpha 1

[From L-R: Wes, Fei, Beth, Lottie, Dayle, Georgia, Olivia, Azmin, Kelechi, Michael, Simon, Neesha, Ffion, Pien, Harry, Gypsy]

Kampung Soniton Ulu is installing a gravity fed water system - Alpha 2 

Blog 8 Alpha 2 group
[Back row L-R: Freddie, Bobby, Jake, Felix, Gabe, Graeme, Cai, Izzy, Anne]
[Front row L-R: Harry, Matthew, Barry, Martha, Lily, Libby, Jane]

Maliau Basin is building a trail and assisting environmental researchers with their work - Alpha 3

Blog 8 Alpha 3[Back row L-R: Tom, Ben, Ellis, Harry]

[Middle row L-R: Maria, Vinny, Anna, Gabby, Hicham, Niall, Baus]

[Front row L-R: Amanda, Josh, Isobel, Jess]

Danum Valley is building a guard house and assisting with wildlife observation surveys - Alpha 4

Blog 8 Alpha 4
[Back row L-R: Lawrence, Tarik, Boy, Megan, Roslaini, James, Iona, Livia, Beaubine, Pieter, Sam]
[Front row L-R: Sonal, Victoria, Markus, Anna]

Trekking in Long Pasia and diving at Pulau Mamutik - Alpha 6

Blog 8 Alpha 6[Back row L-R: Joe, Thijs, Tom, Eva, Lachlann, Tom, Hannah]
[Front row L-R: Sadie, Ruth, Becky, Jess, Jake, Grace, Jenny]

Diving at Pulau Mamutik and trekking in Long Pasia - Alpha 7

Blog 8 Alpha 7

[L-R: Rachel, Wilson, Shane, Claudia, Veronica, Anne, Sanne, Pete, Leo, Kai, Holly, Laura, Wies, Izzy]

Over the next few weeks, I’ll be posting updates from each project site with the latest news and we’ll also be hearing from some of our venturers and project managers who will be sharing their thoughts and experiences so far.