En Sus Zapatos

16th June 2014

Inspired to continue delivering positive social action after their placements with Raleigh, Nicaraguan venturers and volunteers have set up the Southern Nicaraguan Raleigh Society to enable them to come together and deliver positive actions to alleviate problems in their communities.

Headed by Karen, Raleigh Nicaragua’s Society Intern, the group have had an incredibly successful first three months with their first campaign En Sus Zapatos (In Their Shoes). Thought up by the society’s members at their first meeting, En Sus Zapatos looks to bridge the gap between unwanted and wasted clothing and the need for clothing by the most needed as Olivia, a Raleigh Deputy Programme Leader (DPL) in Nicaragua and society member, explains:

“It’s a simple idea that takes two problems to make a solution; waste of clothes and need of clothes. In a world where there is an abundance of everything to the point of mass waste, there should be no reason why development, whether educational or infrastructural, should be stunted because of lack of resources. It’s just a question of bridging the gap.”

Since the society’s first meeting in March, En Sus Zapatos has held clothes collection days in various schools, universities and community centres in Managua, Leon and Esteli. The events have been coordinated and stewarded by the society’s members and have been a huge success, with a wide range of clothing and shoes being donated alongside books and games.

After months of collecting, the Southern Nicaraguan Raleigh Society held its first En Sus Zapatos distribution day at the start of June at a fair at a non-profit, self-funded primary school in a community in the outskirts of Managua. The fair was run alongside Comamos Juntos (Let’s Eat Together), a non-profit organization working to reduce food waste by distributing meals cooked by volunteers from donated, feeding those with little resources.

The event was a huge success with over 50 people attending, and the Southern Nicaraguan Raleigh Society hope to now see En Sus Zapatos grow. They plan to continue their  collection events but to amplify what they collect, looking at other resources that could be useful to people, specifically for children and their education.

Raleigh has many active societies doing amazing work around the world. Are you part of a Raleigh Society, or have you set one up? We’d love to hear about what you’ve been up to – get in touch at alumni@raleighinternational.org.