Sports day and Community integration

29th June 2015

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The highlight of our first week was the sports day we ran. This gave us a fantastic chance to integrate with the youth and children of the village.We planned to start the day at 9:30, however as we started to set up at 8:30 the mob of kids who swarmed us made it quite clear that we would have to start straight away. Soon we had 100 people and it was time to start the races.

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The kids loved the onion and spoon and relay races, as well as the bubbles which some of the team had bought from the UK. The high point of the day was seeing the kids lining up to use the tippy-tap we had set up nearby and we were pleased to see them using the hand-washing methods we had taught them earlier that week. Our group also took our place on the volleyball court to take on some of the local youths. We were decisively thrashed in all three games we played and will have to practice to improve. The day ended with Chai tea and biscuits and a game of cricket.

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We have also finally completed our action research activities. The household surveys were a fascinating opportunity to get to know the members of our community, whilst it was great to see how keen the older members of the village were to help us create a timeline of the village’s history, although the intensity of community meetings will take some getting used to. We have also been able to do several awareness raising sessions in local schools and have several more planned for the coming weeks, as well as plans to work with local youth and woman’s groups.

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