Spring 2018 Project Preparations in Full Swing

28th January 2018

The Fieldbase team are in the midst of preparing and planning for the upcoming spring projects in the state of Sabah in Malaysian Borneo. The Advance Volunteer Manager Team have arrived at Fieldbase, based in the suburbs of Kota Kinabalu, and are ready and raring to help get everything ready for the imminent arrival of the rest of the Volunteer Manager team and then the young volunteers over the coming days and weeks.

The spring Raleigh Borneo projects aim to continue the successful work of our previous volunteers in remote, rural communities and threatened natural environments in Sabah. The projects are designed to empower and enable volunteers to improve access to safe water and sanitation, sustainably manage natural resources and to provide the skills and social capital for young people to be partners and leaders for positive change in their communities.

Meet the Advance Volunteer Manager Team

Deputy Operations Manager

Laura, Deputy Operations Manager
Laura, Deputy Operations Manager

Laura is continuing her Raleigh Borneo adventure in the role of Deputy Operations Manager (DOM). Laura has been in Borneo for seven months having completed two expeditions as a Volunteer Manager. Laura explains she is excited to “be able to share her experiences with the Volunteer Managers this time round.” Laura is currently looking ahead and planning for all eventualities that may occur as well as preparing the scheduling and training for when the rest of the volunteers arrive.

Logistics Team

Kath M, Kath H and Caroline, Logistics Team
(Left to right) Kath M, Kath H and Caroline, Logistics Team

The Logistics Team are responsible for making sure everything needed for the projects and trek is prepared, ready, checked, ordered, packaged up and sent off to the right places.

Kath H completed a Raleigh Borneo expedition in January 2017 in Logistics. Kath says she is most looking forward to “returning to places last year that she saw and seeing the impact that we had”. Kath has worked in the United Kingdom as both a nurse and a teacher over the past 30 years. Kath enjoys working with young people and says she “believes passionately in the strength of the young.”

Kath M has worked as a Project Delivery Manager in industries including IT, Finance, Technology and Construction. Kath has never taken part in anything like Raleigh however she says it “gives her an opportunity to do something completely different.” Kath M says she is most looking forward to unexpected challenges and says, “I hope to get as much out of the experience as I will to put into it.”

Caroline is a trained gardener and has worked in tourism for the past three years in Edinburgh. Caroline is interested in learning new skills, seeing environmental and community projects, and working with local people. She says, “I’ve always wanted to do something like this. I’ve always wanted to travel more and work for a charity.”


Paul, Admin
Paul, Admin

Paul has had a substantial career in the Responsible Sourcing Department for a large supermarket chain in the United Kingdom. Paul has volunteered previously at an inclusivity event, Parallel London, and has taken part in a charity fundraiser in the Amazon for the National Deaf Children Society in the United Kingdom. Paul says he is most looking forward to “getting out into the communities and meeting the people the program is working with.” Paul is currently working to make sure all the correct forms have been generated and files have been set up.


Jenny, Medic
Jenny, Medic

The Advance Medic’s job is to make sure everything is ready for the start of expedition. Jenny has been going through all of the medical forms for all of the volunteers to make sure we are prepared for all of their needs.

Jenny is a Junior Doctor in the United Kingdom and says, “Raleigh is a good opportunity to practice medicine in a different environment and adapt to different situations.”

Communications Team

Dan, Photographer and Rebecca, Communications Officer
(Left to right) Dan, Photographer and Rebecca, Communications Officer

The Communications Team will be gathering material and content to report on all of the projects over the next expedition. The Communications team have begun to plan future blogs and social media topics, and have been busy collecting content and taking photographs for this “Meet the Advance Team” blog. Next on the agenda is to begin prepping for our visit to Raleigh Borneo’s SALY-B project, facilitating sustainable green enterprise opportunities for young people, in the heart of Sabah.

Dan is returning to Raleigh after thoroughly enjoying his first expedition as Photographer in Nepal in 2016. He says, “When you do one Raleigh it’s clear you get the Raleigh bug.” Dan gained an interest in sustainability after completing a Post Graduate degree in Human Geography at the University of Swansea. Dan is looking forward to developing his videography skills by creating more video content for Raleigh Borneo’s YouTube account.

Rebecca has previously worked in both the United Kingdom and New Zealand practicing and creating communications and events for both corporate companies and charities. Rebecca is looking forward to visiting all of the projects and seeing the effect Raleigh projects are having on community members. She says, “I’m interested in hearing and telling the stories of community members, project partners and our volunteers from around the world.”

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