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As the year comes to an end we have started to reflect on all of the fantastic accomplishments that Raleigh Tanzania has made this year. All of the groups have said goodbye to their communities, the volunteers returned to Morogoro to take part in their final debrief and now are all on their way home.

Photos by Andie Griffiths and Steve Freeman

December 15, 2016
Tanzania ICS

Team Pingalame have been working on a water, sanitation and hygiene (WASH) program for the past three months in a rural village in the Dodoma region of Tanzania. They are now thinking about the sustainability and long term impact of their work.

Written by Alice Coombs

December 14, 2016
Tanzania ICS

Team Shaji has spent the past ten weeks educating individuals on how to become entrepreneurs. In order to achieve the goal of becoming an entrepreneur there are a few attributes that are needed to allow individuals to transform themselves into pioneers of their own futures.

December 12, 2016
Tanzania ICS

Over the past 3 months the team have carried out a huge amount of work in the community of Changombe. Now the project is coming to an end they start to think about the impacts of the work they have done.

By Abigail and Walafred

December 11, 2016
Tanzania ICS

The climate in Mbeya is favourable to farming, the frequent rain showers and high temperatures makes growing conditions perfect for crops. The villagers depend solely on selling their crops, or products from livestock, to support themselves.

By Mia of Team Kikota

December 10, 2016
Tanzania ICS

The Global Development Goals were established by the UN in 2015 to improve standards of living across the world. Raleigh WASH projects are key to completing goal 3, good health, by 2030. Improving hygiene and sanitation ultimately improves health. There are several aspects of our work in Iyembela which are contributing towards completing this goal.

By Angel and Sarah

December 8, 2016
Tanzania ICS

Nobody is born an entrepreneur. It takes a good idea, hard work, risk, determination, ambition, and confidence. Team Kalalo sat down with two groups of entrepreneurs to find out what makes a successful entrepreneur and business.

December 2, 2016
Tanzania ICS

Recently, on Sunday 20th November, Universal Children’s Day was celebrated internationally to raise awareness among children worldwide and improve children’s welfare. To celebrate the day, Team Mbozi Village held an action day, inviting all children and young people throughout the community, to get involved in a variety of children’s games, music, songs and a football match.

Written by Daniel

December 1, 2016