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17V Team Leader Allocations are in

14th June 2017

Following a rousing energiser led by Country Director Ross, it was time to announce team leader allocations for the 17V ICS cycle. Team leaders found out who they have been paired with and where they will be based. They were also told if they will be working on a WASH or Livelihoods project.

Each announcement was accompanied by clapping and cheering as the team leaders embraced their new counterparts, excited to be working together!

So, let’s meet the teams:

WASH Projects:

Charlie 1 – (Mlanje, Kongwa) Matt and Lucy

Charlie 2 – (Kanga, Mvomero) Augustino and Dan

Charlie 3 – (Difinga, Mvomero) Maisy and Simon

Charlie 4 – (Mwaya, Kilombero) Praise, Rebekah and Ally

Charlie 5 – (Kiswanya, Kilombero) Ameze and Fainess

Charlie 6 – (Chimlata & Msunjilile, Dodoma) Lutimo, Vicky and Sam

Charlie 7 – (Bwanwani, Morogoro)  Madalaine and Emiliana 


Livelihoods Projects

Echo 1 – (Kigunga, Kilosa) Ffion and Jonathan (Ffion will be arriving on the 25th June)

Echo 2 – (Kitunduweta, Kilosa) Nasia, Charlie and Anneth

Echo 3 – (Halungu, Mbozi) Jovina and Alfie

Echo 4 – (Welu, Mbozi) Jordan, Adam and Sarah-Jayne

Echo 5 – (Mtili, Mufundi) Demi and Widmark

Echo 6 – (Sawala, Mufundi) Hannah and Molen

Echo 7 – (Lufuna, Mufundi)  Onesmo and Fallone

Echo 8 – (Mkalala, Mufundi) Maria and Sarah

The new teams will have the next two weeks to get to know each other and the projects they will be working on better before the volunteers arrive.

What’s next:

Thursday 15th June: Team Leaders head out on PPV

Sunday 25th June: Volunteers Arrive

Words Alice. Photos Hilary and Rosie.

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