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The making of an entrepreneur with Team Shaji

12th December 2016

Team Shaji has spent the past ten weeks educating individuals on how to become entrepreneurs. In order to achieve the goal of becoming an entrepreneur there are a few attributes that are needed to allow individuals to transform themselves into pioneers of their own futures.

It is possible to create a successful entrepreneur in 10 weeks, it just takes unity, dedication and hard-work. Education is one of the most important attributes needed in the challenge of becoming an entrepreneur as individuals are able to gain business knowledge and understanding. Teaching these business topics allows individuals to learn key terminology and processes that will ensure success in entrepreneurship.

Team Shaji has been able to teach the individuals of the community business topics using The Entrepreneurship Course Guide book, which was provided with the help of our project partner Save the Children. The course guide was given to every member of the entrepreneurship program. This allowed the participants the materials needed to study and to be well prepared for their one-to-one lessons. The areas taught through the Entrepreneurship Course Guide were: idea generation, market research, business planning, finance, and business management.

Team Shaji preparing lesson
Team Shaji preparing an entrepreneur lesson

Having an idea or wanting to become an entrepreneur is essential. Having a strong determination and willing attitude is key to achieving the title of a successful entrepreneur. Perseverance is imperative as a teacher however, due to the fact that all students work and process information at different speeds. Given, one of our entrepreneurs, says, “It is possible to become an entrepreneur in 10 weeks, however, a strong team of volunteers helped us a lot and we could not have done this without their unity and togetherness mixed with our dedication.”

Team Shaji entrepreneurs
Team Shaji entrepreneurs in a lesson

Additionally, during the program, Team Shaji volunteers found that re-motivating techniques had to be used to ensure that the entrepreneurs were consistently engaged. One of the techniques that we used was we handed out an agree/disagree survey of every lesson taught, which was done at the end of each section.

Team Shaji pitching
Team Shaji entrepreneurs pitching their business ideas

We also asked one or two entrepreneurs to teach a lesson on one of the business topics to the other entrepreneurs. This allowed the participants to really show us that they were understanding the lessons and were able to share their perspectives on the information provided them. Motunrayo, another entrepreneur stated that “it is during the difficult days that motivation, willpower & ambition are most needed because those three things will get anybody across the finish line of success.”

Finally, with education and self-perseverance, the community of Shaji found themselves 16 successful entrepreneurs attaining a grant to start their businesses.

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